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Outside the Ramsden Lawyers offices on the Gold Coast

Ramsden Lawyers was founded by John Ramsden in 2003 on the Gold Coast and quickly established itself as one of the leading commercial and property law firms.

Since its inception, Ramsden Lawyers took it upon itself to always provide a fresh and progressive approach in the delivery of its service. Whilst being highly specialised in Commercial Law, we fast developed niche specialties in the streams of insolvency, business migration, intellectual property, commercial litigation, and more recently corporate services.

In 2012, Ramsden Lawyers welcomed the establishment of its Family Law division, including an Accredited Family Law Specialist with the Queensland Law Society. With a wealth of experience in all areas of family & de facto law, our team of Family Lawyers has become one of the largest and best recognised family law firms in Queensland. With the ability to call upon the depth of expertise from the various commercial divisions of the firm, the Family Law division of Ramsden Lawyers has many advantages over its competitors who practice solely in the area of family law.

In 2014, Ramsden Lawyers established a Corporate Law team within our Commercial Law division, including team members who have extensive experience in the corporate sector as in-house counsel for ASX listed companies. Since then, we have been involved in a number of IPOs (Initial Public Offerings), roll-ups, fundraisers and client engagements for ongoing corporate compliance and governance. Our corporate team was instrumental in the development of Australian Childcare Projects Ltd, and in the private equity acquisition by Morgan Stanley. We can genuinely say that we are the leader in corporate law on the Gold Coast.

Ramsden Lawyers continues to take great pride in being innovators in the delivery of legal services, while persistently staying energised to focus on developing and improving its service. Ramsden Lawyers maintains the status as the leading law firm on the Gold Coast.

At Ramsden Lawyers, we aim to deliver innovative solutions that are capable of being delivered efficiently. We do not promote ourselves as cost leaders and believe we do not need to be. Our experience and ability ensure that we efficiently execute a devised strategy for our clients in the delivery of our service, that in effect realises a better return to our clients.

Ramsden Lawyers believes in setting the ‘new standard’ in the delivery of legal practice. With an emphasis to adapt to the ever changing conditions of the business community, we are adamant that this sets us apart from others. We recognise that our clients are the ones who know best, and we are merely there to facilitate the best legal solutions.

Your success as our clients goes hand in hand with our success. We accept nothing less than the very best results for our clients.

  • Being true to the idea that working together with our clients to resolve matters commercially is the best approach for all involved.
  • We work for our clients and respect and appreciate them no matter what.
  • Pricing is merely an illusion. What is important is that our clients receive the right advice for the right solution that is tailored and delivered with the utmost skill and efficiency. This will then ensure that our clients get real value for money and ultimately spend less in the process of doing so.
  • We strive to be the very best and to lead from the front whilst setting the new standard in the delivery of legal services.
Levels 5 (Main office) and 9 (Property group)
Corporate Centre One, 2 Corporate Court
Bundall , QLD, 4217 Australia
Phone: (07) 5592 1921
Email: enquiries@ramsdenlaw.com.au

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