employmentEmployment law is an area of law that is very specific and requires detailed knowledge on different frameworks that have changed from one government to another over time.

For the Employer
All business owners need to understand and appreciate their obligations regarding:

  • state awards;
  • Australian Workplace Agreements under Work Choices;
  • Enterprise Agreements under the Fair Work Act;
  • keeping employment records;
  • confidentiality of employment records;
  • PAYG tax deductions;
  • superannuation deductions;
  • employees’ choice of superannuation fund;
  • the rights of shop stewards on your premises;
  • the rights of union officials on your premises;
  • workplace discrimination;
  • occupational health and safety;
  • personal leave entitlements;
  • workers compensation insurance;
  • paid and unpaid overtime;
  • termination; and
  • other entitlements.

The best approach is always preventative action, and we can assist you in this area with practical advice on your employment obligations.

We also provide advice to you on the enforcing of your employment agreement including what restraints and restrictions are lawful.

We also offer assistance to those employers who may or ultimately are prosecuted by the Fair Work Ombudsman. Given the seriousness of any prosecution, Ramsden Lawyers has the expertise to represent an employer in formal proceedings as well as any arbitration or mediation that may be part of those proceedings.

Many clients will be faced with the problem of having to comply with the onerous provisions of an award that can make operating a business untenable. It is with this in mind that we may be able to offer strategic advice on how best to operate a compliant business that could also avail yourself entirely from the strict obligations of the Fair Work Act. For example, many employees may be eligible to be contractors that removes some if not all the obligations of an employer under the Fair Work Act.

Do you have Binding Employment Agreements?

  • Are they consistent with the law?
  • Are they so unfair that a court could set them aside?
  • Do they spell out probation processes?
  • Do they spell out all entitlements clearly?
  • Is there clarity regarding job definition and performance review?
  • Do they give protection regarding the firm’s intellectual property?
  • Are any restraint of trade clauses enforceable at law?
  • Are the termination provisions clear?

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