Consumer & Trader Disputes

The supply of goods or services in trade or commerce by a business is regulated under various laws.

Often, consumers are unaware of their rights and businesses are unaware of their obligations.

Examples of common consumer and trader disputes include:

  • defective goods such as appliances, furniture, clothes or food;
  • defective work/ services such as car maintenance or a haircut;
  • unpaid invoices; and or
  • unpaid wages.

If you do have a dispute in relation to the supply of goods or services it is generally advised that you contract the other party and explain the situation. This may require meeting with them or making a complaint in writing. Should this resolve the dispute, it is generally recommended that you confirm the agreement in writing and have all parties sign the agreement.

However, if you are unable to personally resolve the dispute then you may need to consider legal action. There are many avenues of resolution including having us negotiate the dispute.

Additionally, if the disputed amount is under $25,000 you may consider taking the matter to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT). QCAT is empowered to make decisions much like a court.

If you are not satisfied with the QCAT resolution of the matter, you may then consider taking further action, such as court proceedings.

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