One of the biggest obstacles to overcome when buying property is obtaining a suitable loan from a lender that will offer you competitive rates and professional service.

Competing lenders try to attract your attention by giving their mortgage products countless different names. As a result, it can sometimes be difficult to separate loan agreements that provide good value from those that are a drain on your personal finances.

At Ramsden Lawyers we understand that securing a finance agreement for your property purchase can be an extremely stressful experience. We endeavour to make this experience as painless as possible for you by offering reliable advice designed to assist you with finding a loan that meets your needs while recognising your unique financial situation. We provide all of our clients with a comprehensive analysis to help determine what type of finance agreement best achieves their desired objective.

Our solicitors can also put you in touch with a reputable mortgage broker to help you find the deal that is right for you. Brokers will come to your home or anywhere else convenient to you. There are over 30 financial institutions to choose from, including nearly all the major banks.

Ramsden Lawyers adopts a commercial/legal approach to business transactions which involves consultation with your accountant and financier to develop a tax effective and limited liability approach to acquiring and disposing of a business asset.

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