Gold-CoastWho can we assist?
We can assist individuals who want to visit, work, study or live in Australia.

How can we assist you?
We assist individuals with all visa applications including:

  • business / investment visas;
  • skilled visas;
  • employer-sponsored migration visas;
  • family / spouse / de facto visas; and
  • migration review tribunal (MRT) appeals.

You will receive professional and personalised service built on an appreciation of your individual circumstances and requirements.

Ramsden Lawyers’ registered migration agents offer you their specialised expertise in conducting your matters and thereby enhancing your prospects of success.

Visas for family members
Individuals who are family members, de factos or partners of Australian citizens, residents or eligible New Zealand citizens can apply for a visa.

We can assist you in obtaining the following visas, whether you are in or outside of Australia:

  • child;
  • adoption;
  • carer;
  • parent;
  • contributory parent;
  • aged parent;
  • aged dependant relative;
  • remaining relative;
  • orphan relative;
  • partner (de facto and spouse);
  • prospective marriage; and
  • New Zealand citizen family relationship (temporary).

Visas for workers
Individuals who have recognised skills, employer sponsorships, business-related interests or wish to have a working-holiday can apply for a visa.

We can assist you in obtaining the following visas, whether you are in or outside of Australia:

  • Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa (subclass 457);
  • Temporary Work (Short and Long Stay Activity);
  • Temporary Work (Entertainment);
  • Temporary Work (International Relations);
  • Employer Nomination Scheme;
  • Regional Nomination Scheme;
  • Skilled Independent;
  • Skilled Nominated (State/Territory);
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional);
  • Seasonal Worker Program;
  • Working Holiday;
  • Work and Holiday;
  • Recognised Graduate (Engineering Graduate);
  • Temporary Graduate; and
  • Distinguished Talent.

What will be taken into account when my application is assessed?
The Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection take many factors into account when deciding whether or not to grant an application for a visa.

The factors that are taken into account also differ with different categories of visas and may include factors such as:

  • health;
  • character;
  • relationships;
  • financial assets;
  • work experience; and
  • eduction

What if my application is refused?
If your application is refused, we can assist you or your sponsor in having the decision reviewed.

We can provide you with the necessary expertise required in dealing with review authorities and the associated processes.

If you have any queries, require legal advice in relation to migration matters or any of our other specialty areas, please contact Ramsden Lawyers.

Our registered migration agent

  • Managing Partner, John Ramsden (Migration Agents Registration No. 0214966)

Migration Agents Code of Conduct
We strive at all times to observe and uphold the Migration Agents Code of Conduct.

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