Residential Conveyancing

PropertyAre you looking at buying or selling a property?

Ramsden Lawyers provide a new way of moving. Working with us for your conveyancing and real estate needs means you receive straight-forward, jargon free advice on the laws that affect your transaction.

Our solicitors advise you on your contract, protect your rights and settle your property transaction on time. We guide you through every step, which is invaluable for reducing stress and delays often associated with real estate transactions.

Selling your Residential Property

Ramsden conveyancing lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to help you devise a suitable contract that will ensure you receive the most value for your property and help you avoid any issues that may impede or adversely affect the sale. If you are employing a real estate agent to sell your property, we can also provide you with advice on the contract by which you hire your Agent. By seeking our advice on these matters before entering into any agreements, you can avoid costly disputes that may arise in the future.

Buying Residential Property

If you are buying a residential property, our experienced team of conveyancers and solicitors can help make your purchase enjoyable and stress-free. We offer comprehensive advice on contracts that will help you avoid potential disputes and ensure that your purchase goes ahead without incident. We can also provide you with advice on how to protect your interests and your investment by making your contract subject to receiving finance on terms that are satisfactory to you and to pest and structural building approval.

To make a formal offer to purchase a residential property, you will be required to complete a contract of sale and submit it to the seller for acceptance. If accepted by the seller, this offer becomes a legally binding contract. At Ramsden Lawyers we will protect your interests by ensuring that your offer is properly prepared and that it takes into account your specific needs and circumstances.

Ramsden Lawyers on the Gold Coast for all your Real Estate and Conveyancing Needs

Minus unnecessary delays and experience a seamless conveyancing and real estate experience on the Gold Coast with Ramsden Lawyers. As the conveyancing of a property is complex, we guide you through every step, providing invaluable support during this important financial transaction.

Instruct us as your conveyancing firm, and we will provide our expertise in selling your residential property or buying your residential property. We provide expertise and apply our extensive experience in conveyancing to the selling and purchase of property on the Gold Coast to protect your interests.

PEXA-Badge-PNG-FormatRamsden Lawyers participates in electronic conveyancing which provides our clients with a number of benefits in comparison to traditional conveyancing. PEXA provides benefits such as faster access to cleared funds, a safer nationally recognised system and an overall more efficient platform allowing real time lodgement and settlement. For more information click here.

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