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Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

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Initial Public Offerings (IPOS)

Ramsden Lawyers have developed specialist expertise in assisting businesses in becoming publically listed companies, a rare commodity on the Gold Coast. Our corporate lawyers have extensive experience in bringing a range of businesses from different industries to IPOs, assisting all the way from initial corporate structuring to ongoing corporate advisory after a successful listing.

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Tailored Advice to Attract Investors and Top Talent

The process for taking a company to a successful Initial Public Offering is time consuming and subject to complex regulatory requirements. Our corporate lawyers excel at tailoring advice to your industry and individual business circumstances in order to provide the structural efficiency and transparency that institutional and professional investors are seeking. Our accomplished IPOs practice is unique amongst Gold Coast firms, and we have extensive experience taking companies from the seed stage through to eventual public listing.
We ensure your business can demonstrate to the market that it has a viable growth strategy based on legitimate innovation and a sophisticated expansion strategy. We can also assist with innovative structures such as employee stock ownership plans to attract the talent needed to increase the strength of your IPOs.


Corporate Lawyers Assisting With All Areas of Corporate Governance and Reporting

We offer leading edge expertise and a commercial judgment formed through years of experience in Australia’s unique corporate environment and engagement with regulators. We take the time to build a personal relationship with you and we are genuinely concerned about the outcome of your IPOs application. At the same time, we are acutely aware of the need to maintain a certain level of professional independence and judgment to protect our clients from the volatile world of public listings.

Ramsden Lawyers also maintains longstanding relationships with specialist consultants, professional advisers and private wealth investors with whom we continuously liaise.

Adept at Assessing Internal Corporate Workings and Prospectus Drafting

We are experts in prospectus drafting, advising on terms of underwriting or offer management agreements and general listing preparations. Our Gold Coast team can evaluate and assess the internal working of our client’s companies and resolve whether they meet the minimum admission criteria required by the ASX. If they are found lacking, we can provide astute guidance on how internal governance policies, procedures and structures can be modified to ensure compliance.

Our advice also extends directors, where we provide insight into any potential liabilities to which they may be exposed and offer practical steps to minimise any risk.


Experts in Both Young Expanding Companies and Large Established Private Companies

Our tailored IPOs advice is specific to your unique situation, whether you are a start-up or a long standing corporation. We can assist business in obtaining venture capital or take established companies and finance their expansion plans through public equity. We understand the corporate structures and necessary disclosures needed to attract institutional and professional investors alike. We also know that businesses do not operate in a vacuum – they are subject to their industry and its regulators. For example, the mining industry has additional requirements before an IPOs listing can be completed such as quarterly reporting, reporting on mining activities and on oil and gas activities.

We also have experience in aggregations leading to IPOs in industries including childcare, veterinary care, automotive, dentistry and construction and building services. In addition, we continue to provide ongoing and stringent compliance obligations under the <em”>Corporations Act 2001, and the ongoing reporting requirements mandated by the ASX.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Evaluating the company’s corporate and capital structure;
  • Provide advice on ASX Listing Rule matters and Corporations Act requirements;
  • Effecting any reorganisation prior to Initial Public Offering;
  • Managing the due diligence process and conducting the legal due diligence investigation;
  • Advising the directors on their potential liability and the practical steps which can be taken to minimise the risk;
  • Assess the legal environment in which the company operates and protect the company’s legal rights;
  • Assisting in the drafting of the prospectus;
  • Advising on the terms of any underwriting or offer management agreement;
  • Helping prepare the listing application;
  • Advising on tax issues; and
  • Advising on the relevant corporate governance structure to establish; and liaising with ASIC and ASX.

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What Our Clients Say

"Anna, you’ve made this hard battle much easier for me because of the way you actually cared about what I was going through. Always very professional and patient. I'm really glad I’ve chosen you to fight the battle of my life and even gladder to say: WE WON! Thank you very much for everything."

- Gustavo Daresi

"Thank you Anna Stock. Amazing professionalism, attention to detail and compassion when working in the sensitive area of family law. I would highly recommend Ramsden Lawyers for any legal service."

- Mary Baker

"Excellent! Highly recommend. Received great service from Alice Drummond for family law. She was very helpful, informative and professional."

- Karen Murphy

"The professionalism from Cheryle Middleton was EXCELLENT. Made the whole property purchase paperwork a delight...not the stress filled minefield I was expecting. Clear, clever, succinct and a delight to deal with. Will definitely refer to all. Thanks Cheryle."

- Ellen Gregory

"After many years as a client with Ramsden Lawyers, our family find them very professional at what they do. All the staff are very friendly and are committed in their work."

- Adrian Zonneveld