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Major Projects & Infrastructure Agreements

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Major Projects and Infrastructure Agreements

Our corporate lawyer team is part of Ramsden Lawyer’s ever-expanding repertoire of corporate advisory services. At the same time, a Ramsden corporate lawyer are well-versed in the infrastructure agreements that often characterise major projects, particularly in the building and construction space.

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Significant infrastructure and construction projects

Our corporate lawyers work in tandem to provide the necessary experience and expertise to empower clients from a range of diverse industries with the structures, facilitative and auxiliary agreements and innovative solutions necessary to complete complex and mixed-use projects and constructions.


Our lawyers engage in work that is as interesting as it is intellectually stimulating and it is our commitment to pursuing work that is both significant and rewarding that separates us from any other Gold Coast law firm. Our firm is also committed to infusing the legal solutions we provide with technologically empowered decision making that offers clients streamlined processes, constant accessibility and a firm culture that combines the benefits of innovation with an unmatched grasp of essential soft skills such as people skills, client management and commercial awareness.

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The modern client simply does not have time for inaccessible information that, while legally correct, lacks the commercial pragmatism and relevance that empowers rather than overwhelms clients.

Specialising in construction and infrastructure analysis

The expertise of our corporate lawyers begins with conducting project risk assessments and reviewing (or negotiating, where necessary) the agreements that form the relationships to your building and construction or infrastructure project. As part of this service we provide tabulated and visual outlines of how each agreement fits into the bigger picture. It is from these same organisational tools that we structure your project, providing timelines and deadlines to ensure optimal completion times and contract compliance from all parties involved.


Our corporate lawyers also assist in ensuring your major project is satisfying insurance obligations for contract works, professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance and claims management.

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Once we have completed our initial analysis, attention turns to an advisory role with our clients where the emphasis is on delivering up obligations and enforcing rights under the agreements formed as part of the major projects you undertake. For a Ramsden corporate lawyer, the project delivery component of our services involves contract management, legal oversight, compliance with workplace health and safety requirements, early dispute avoidance and overcoming any industrial concerns.

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Specialising in construction and infrastructure analysis

Another essential element to the Ramsden Lawyers major projects offering is the seamless integration of our corporate and litigation teams. For our clients, the uptake of this interaction is that we have immediate internal recourse to dispute resolution procedures should any concerns arise during or at the completion of your major project. We are adept at ensuring the security of payment, the legislation that governs subcontractors performance as well as alternative dispute resolution, whether through the mutual agreement of the parties or at the mandate of legislation.

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Specialising in construction and infrastructure analysis

Our corporate lawyer team has key experience in negotiating our client’s position with regulators across a number of areas, most importantly with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (‘QBCC’). Some notable issues with which the QBCC deals are licensing compliance, rectifying incomplete or unsatisfactory works, pursuing disciplinary action against parties that do not uphold their obligations and dealing with the legislative requirements for insurance.

Our Gold Coast corporate lawyers also have experience in construction partnerships and joint ventures, especially in distinguishing between the two either pre-emptively or retroactively depending on your circumstances and construing such arrangements in an advantageous way.

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