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Rollup Aggregation

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The Roots Of Rollup Aggregations Identifying Consolidation Opportunities Innovative And Comprehensive Support

Rollup Aggregation

Our Gold Coast corporate lawyers have developed rollup aggregation into a major part of our practice model. Regardless of the size and form of deal you are seeking, Ramsden Lawyers have the capacity to provide innovative and comprehensive support. Contact us today.

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Understanding the roots of a rollup aggregation

A rollup occurs when multiple small companies in the same market are acquire and merged, the principal aim being to achieve enough mass to create advantages in terms of costing on a cost per unit basis. Often times this serves to make the new entity attractive to investors in order to enable an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to take place.


Our corporate lawyers are alive to the fact that history has a tendency to repeat itself, which is why our understanding of the contemporary roll of aggregations is founded in a deep respect and acknowledgement of its historical role in promoting economic growth. Consolidation has long been used to achieve and sustain power in the marketplace, and creating a monopoly position through this method has been a consistent historical trend, and the various forms it has taken on over the years has left us with a rich tapestry of structures and techniques for us to pass on to our clients.

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We are aware that the consolidation of fragmented industry was traditionally encouraged by changes in the economic climate or technological disruption. However, other waves of consolidation have been characterised by rollups in service industries as well. We have a proven track record of structuring rollup projects for successful listings domestically and internationally based on our intimate understanding of the governance and transactional requirements that underpin such a successful deal.

A framework for identifying consolidation opportunities

Our corporate team are aware of the significant leverage provided by consolidation through better access to capital and financial resources. However, we are also acutely cognisant of the cultural concerns specific to the Gold Coast, and Australia more broadly, enabling us to deliver a rollup package to public listing in a way that causes minimum industry opposition or backlash.


At the same time, we also have the capacity to take domestic projects to foreign listings through our extensive experience with multinational transactional work. We work with clients to understand the industry climate and predict potential industry volatility or changes to minimise the likelihood of being adversely affected by a changing market.

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However, our job does not end after the rollup aggregation has been listed. Rather, we undertake to identify, create and sustain our client’s competitive advantage through superior structuring, governance and tailored advisory work to ensure your economy of scale can capitalise on its newly combined operations and superior management.

Innovative And Comprehensive Support

Regardless of the size and type of deal, our corporate lawyers are prepared to assist you with your rollup aggregation projects with legal support that is as innovative as it is comprehensive. We recognise that consolidation success in the contemporary global economy turns on creating a competitive advantage and we can assist both young companies in the early start-up and growth strategies with the volume of acquisition transactions necessary. We also ensure the centralisation of business processes and policies.

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We have comprehensive experience on the Gold Coast in aggregations in the industries of childcare, veterinary care, the automotive sector, dentistry and construction and building projects.

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