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Virtual In-House Counsel

Ramsden Lawyers’ Virtual in-house counsel is our solution to the increasing trend for companies to rely on in-house lawyers. We offer on-demand legal service on the Gold Coast at a fraction of the cost while retaining the full-service capabilities of our entire firm. Contact our team of corporate lawyers today.

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Recognising the In-House Legal Trend

Our Gold Coast practice is under no illusions about the rising prominence of in-house legal counsel. However, we offer a unique perspective. While there are significant advantages to having a legal presence on hand as part of the decision making process, there are also several disadvantages. Having constant access to legal advice offers a significant boost to a company’s capacity for risk management, though it often comes at a hefty price. Furthermore, having an in-house company raises concerns such as the capability of an individual or small team to cope with the full spectrum of legal issues faced by a corporation. An in-house lawyer may have an area of expertise, or they may be a general practitioner, but very rarely are they both. They may not have the practice management capacity to negotiate successfully in interactions with clients or outside law firms, and then there is the issue of how much decision making power to award them.


On Demand Legal Advice

At Ramsden Lawyers, we have sought to maximise the advantages and minimise the disadvantages of relying on in-house legal counsel through our unique offering: the virtual in-house counsel. Our strategy involves providing our full service capacity on demand to our clients based on highly competitive monthly rates and programs. Our clients have the advantage of being provided with the same ease of access to in-house counsel, while retaining the expertise of our entire office.

It is a unique approach that allows Ramsden Lawyers to influence your company at the ground level and guiding it through the day-to-day legal dilemmas faced in today’s competitive marketplace. We match the level of integration that an in-house lawyer would achieve through our proactive approach to client liaising while retaining the independence that only an outside perspective can maintain. We also retain the significant research capacity of an entire firm for complex or novel legal issues that may arise. Our lawyers have experience working in-house for governments and ASX 200 corporations alike, ensuring our awareness of your expectations for an in-house service.

Significant Cost Savings

From a financial standpoint, the virtual in-house counsel program offers several cost packages designed to suit the needs of company’s at different stages in the growth cycle. Our packages ensure flexibility by offering variable rates that wax and wane with the demands of your business across the financial year. At times of financial strain, we provide you with certainty knowing your legal costs will not be excessive through our discounted rates that apply when you exceed your monthly hours.


Offering Our Full Services While Educating Your Staff

As part of the virtual in-house counsel package, we take the time to assist your company in developing effective templates specific to your business. We upskill you and your staff in our areas of expertise and educate you on the nuances of legal risk management. Our Gold Coast lawyers can also assist you in a review of your compliance obligations, contractual processes and ability to satisfy regulatory and licensing compliance. We simultaneously provide financial freedom and legal empowerment.

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Investing in Leading-Edge Technology

Our corporate lawyers are committed to extending our relationships with our clients, so that whenever you have an issue or query you can consult us immediately, on a daily basis. We approach law in a fresh, progressive and exciting manner. We emphasise leading edge technology and innovative legal concepts. We have an excellent practice management and state-of-the-art client correspondence technology to enable your constant access to our services.

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What Our Clients Say

"Anna, you’ve made this hard battle much easier for me because of the way you actually cared about what I was going through. Always very professional and patient. I'm really glad I’ve chosen you to fight the battle of my life and even gladder to say: WE WON! Thank you very much for everything."

- Gustavo Daresi

"Thank you Anna Stock. Amazing professionalism, attention to detail and compassion when working in the sensitive area of family law. I would highly recommend Ramsden Lawyers for any legal service."

- Mary Baker

"Excellent! Highly recommend. Received great service from Alice Drummond for family law. She was very helpful, informative and professional."

- Karen Murphy

"The professionalism from Cheryle Middleton was EXCELLENT. Made the whole property purchase paperwork a delight...not the stress filled minefield I was expecting. Clear, clever, succinct and a delight to deal with. Will definitely refer to all. Thanks Cheryle."

- Ellen Gregory

"After many years as a client with Ramsden Lawyers, our family find them very professional at what they do. All the staff are very friendly and are committed in their work."

- Adrian Zonneveld