Ethan Barr-Hamilton

In December 2020, Ethan completed his Bachelor of Laws (Hons) at Griffith University achieving Class I.  During his studies, Ethan gained experience as an administration assistant for My Community Legal and has volunteered with The Legal Forecast since early 2019.  In 2019, Ethan was also awarded the National and Australian Champion for Negotiation, at the Australian Law Students’ Association’s annual competition held in Melbourne.  This was the first time a Griffith University student had achieved such milestone.  In late 2019, Ethan also travelled to Malaysia where he participated in a Lex Colloquium on Universal Female Rights, where he was awarded the Best Delegate award for his contributions to progressing societal views around the globe.  Since joining the firm in early 2021, Ethan has assisted on a wide array of matters within the commercial litigation team.