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Who we are

Ramsden Lawyers is a leading law practice situated on the Gold Coast. With over 50 staff and more than 30 lawyers, Ramsden Lawyers is a professional practice that competes and holds its own with top tier Brisbane law practices. Ramsden Lawyers identifies as specialists in five core practice groups: Business, Corporate, Litigation, Property, and Family law.

Why we are the best choice

We have a commitment to all newly employed law clerks, graduates, and trainee lawyers to provide the best training without the expected pressures of meeting billable quotas. We consider the first two years after graduation to be the most important part of your career, as you will develop the fundamental skills to enable you to become a proficient legal practitioner. At Ramsden Lawyers we do not believe in throwing graduates in the deep end to “sink or swim” as the saying goes, but rather we focus on ensuring that you are taught and trained at a pace that is manageable, while allowing you to identify the practice area you may wish to focus on in your legal career.


At Ramsden Lawyers our employed graduates have the benefit of being mentored by a number of highly specialised senior lawyers. In addition to senior supervision, we also encourage our associates and junior lawyers to engage in peer-to-peer mentoring with graduates. In our experience this helps students to transition from their studies into a professional environment.

Our career entry programs

We have a number of various career entry programs that are designed to offer opportunities to individuals who are seeking a career in the legal profession. Our programs are tailored to meet the demand of each individual throughout various stages in their legal career.

Our programs include:

  • Work experience clerkship. This consists of a two month clerkship on a rotation basis within our five practice groups. This program is open to law students in their penultimate year.
  • PLT placement. This program offers supervised employment to students completing their Practical Legal Training. Students who perform well at this level will be considered for further employment at Ramsden Lawyers.

  • Graduate employment. This program is offered to successful candidates who have graduated with a Bachelor of Laws or equivalent. Once hired as a graduate lawyer, you will be employed as a trainee solicitor until such time as you fulfil practical training requirements and are admitted as a solicitor.

Each of these programs offer individuals the opportunity to be exposed to a law practice environment, and in turn affords an opportunity to be considered for full-time employment as a practicing solicitor.

Applications for recruitment

Applications for any of the career entry programs should be made directly to the managing partner of Ramsden Lawyers, John Ramsden. The application should include a CV and your transcript, together with a cover letter as to why you think you would be a good candidate for Ramsden Lawyers. All applications should be by email to contact@ramsdenlaw.com.au

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