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COVID-19 Vaccine

Can my Employer Make the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandatory?


The COVID-19 Vaccine is here, and while the vaccine is not mandatory under Commonwealth or State Government policy, it is entirely possible that mandatory vaccines could become a requirement for employees in some circumstances. Read More.

Rockment Pty Ltd t/a Vanilla Lounge

Rockment Pty Ltd t/a Vanilla Lounge v AAI Limited t/a Vero Insurance


The high-profile case of Rockment Pty Ltd t/a Vanilla Lounge v AAI Limited t/a Vero Insurance established that not all exclusion clauses (in business interruption insurance policies) under the Biosecurity Act will apply to the losses suffered by business due to the COVID-19 directions and lockdowns. Read More.

All Up Offering

‘All Up’ Settlement Offer for ‘All Claims in the Proceeding’? – Think Again


The high-profile case of Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal Pty Ltd v Civil Mining & Construction Pty Ltd established that when settling multiple claims in one proceeding, an ‘all up’ offer for ‘all claims in the proceeding’ will be ineffective. The case also highlighted when and when not a Calderbank offer will be effective. Read More.

Domestic Violence

Responding to a Domestic Violence Application


If you are the respondent named on a domestic violence application it is essential that you are aware of the legal implications of how you choose to respond. Read More.

Cant v Mad Brothers Earthmoving

Cant v Mad Brothers Earthmoving


The recent Victoria Court of Appeal case of Cant v Mad Brothers Earthmoving gives a useful overview of how unfair preference claims are determined in instances where the payment involves a third-party payment. Read More.

Pet Custody

Pet Custody in small claims court


Pet custody is often disputed in family law. However, not all pet disputes are between former spouses. Sometimes, pet custody disputes arise in the context of non-family law matters. The Ramsden Lawyers team explores what you can do when you can’t agree over who your beloved pet belongs to. Read More.

COVID 19 Family Disputes

COVID-19 Related Family Disputes & the Expansion of the Urgent COVID-19 List


The recent expansion of the COVID-19 List by the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia highlights its importance throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More.

COVID-19 Insolvency: Extensions to Bankruptcy Laws for Eligible Businesses


As of 31 March 2021 the Australian Government will allow financially distressed businesses to access a single and streamlined process to restructure their debts, while allowing owners to remain in control. Read More.

Property Rights

Property rights: 19th century 'dunny lane' obsolete


The recent decision of the Supreme Court of NSW in of Hardy v Sidoti [2020] demonstrates the ability for courts to give rise to increased property rights where an easement is no longer functional. Read More.

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal Maintenance – what is it?


Spousal maintenance – or payments to a former spouse after separation – is one of the more misunderstood areas of family law out there. Ramsden Lawyers explores some of the principles behind spousal maintenance and whether you may be entitled to receive it. Read More.

Equal Parenting

Equal time parenting arrangements in family law


Equal time with each parent for children in family law matters is viewed as the gold standard for parents. But is it really appropriate for most parents? The Ramsden Family Law team looks at some of the considerations of equal time care arrangements for children in family law. Read More.

Administration process

Estate administration process litigation series part 3


This is the third article in our three-part series addressing the common disputes that may arise in respect of a deceased estate. In this article series, the Ramsden Lawyers’ Litigation Team, takes you through the estate administration process, including the responsibilities delegated to the executor and the issues which may arise, enabling potential claims to be made. Read More.