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Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injuries / Compensation Law

When you suffer an injury, the damage or impact on your life, your work and your family can be devastating. If someone else has caused your injury, then you may be entitled to recover a sum of money called “Damages”.

The purpose of “Damages” is to compensate you for any past or future losses you will incur because of someone else’s negligence. This may include an amount to represent your pain and suffering, lost income and superannuation benefits, impairment of your ability to work in the future, medical and rehabilitation needs, and care or assistance provided to you by family or people you need to pay to assist you.

You may also be entitled to have immediate access to rehabilitation to help you recover and get back on your feet.

Injuries at Work

If you are injured at work, you may be eligible to lodge a WorkCover Claim. A WorkCover Statutory Claim will assist you to recover from your injury by providing you with medical treatment, rehabilitation and weekly benefits (income) until your injury stabilises.

However, if your employer (or another organisation) has caused the injury by breaching a duty of care to you, then you may also be able to recover Damages for the impact the injury has caused to your life.

Injuries on the way to or from work or on your lunch break

If you are injured going to or from work, or on your lunch break, you may also be entitled to make a WorkCover Statutory Claim to assist you to recover from your injury and get back to work. You do not need to show the employer was negligent to receive these benefits.

Injuries on the road

If you are injured in a car accident then you can bring a claim against the CTP insurer of the car at fault. The CTP insurer is required to  provide you with reasonable rehabilitation to assist you to recover from your injuries. You can also seek Damages from the insurer. There are strict deadlines to bring your claim so it is important to protect your rights to make a claim as soon as possible.

Injuries on someone else’s property

Injuries can also happen on someone else’s property. For example, if your employer may have sent you to another company’s work site and you were injured, you may be able to seek damages against the person in charge of the site if their actions caused your injury. Other examples might include injuries in public places or commercial premises or other people’s home. If some breached their duty of care to you then you may be able to bring a claim. There are strict deadlines to bring your claim so it is important to protect your rights to make a claim as soon as possible.

Total Permanent Disability Insurance claims

Attached to many Superannuation accounts are insurances that provide a lump sum benefit if you are unable to continue working because you have become sick, unwell or injured. You do not need to show someone is at fault for your inability to work in order to lodge a claim. The terms of each insurance policy may differ, but exploring this option can make a big difference to your life when you are no longer able to return to your usual job.

No Win, No Fee

Our Personal Injury Lawyers can provide you with the necessary legal support to assist you to reach the end of your injury journey as quickly as possible and in the best possible shape.  We can look after the legal work so you can focus on getting better.

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