Family Law

Navigating Your Family Law Matters During COVID-19


Effectively managing your family law matters can be challenging during the best of times, let alone during this time of great uncertainty. Even during this anxious and unsettling time, there are actions you can take to successfully manage your family law matters to ensure you and your family are protected. Read More.

Inheritance in Divorce Settlement

Is Inheritance Included in the Divorce Settlement?


What happens to the inheritance after you have separated? Will your inheritance become a ‘protected category’ that can be separate to the asset pool available for distribution to the other spouse? Read More.

Infidelity - Cheating effect my divorce

Infidelity - Does cheating impact my divorce?


Is infidelity sufficient grounds to obtain a divorce or to determine how the matrimonial property should be divided between parties following separation? Read More.

What am I entitled to in a divorce

What am I entitled to in a Divorce if I earn little or no income?


If you’re facing, or in the middle of, the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship, you’re probably wondering who gets what – especially if your ex-partner met most (if not all) of the expenses for the family. Rest assured that other non-financial contributions will generally be taken into account and weighed up against direct financial contributions. Read More.

Financial Abuse

Signs Of Financial Abuse Or Control


Financial abuse/control is often described as a “hidden” form of domestic violence that not many people know about. Here’s what to do if you suspect you’re a victim (or someone you love is). Read More.

Dog Custody

Pet Custody: Who gets the pets during a separation?


For many families, pets are integral members of the family. They can often be the first addition to your family or the result of a lot of nagging from your children. Increasingly, families are coming before the court with the custody of their pet being a live issue. Read More.

Sydney Office - Reece Ramsden

New Appointment And Sydney Office Launch


Ramsden Lawyers officially opened its Sydney office located in the Sydney CBD. Our Sydney location is a fully serviced and operational office that practices in the same areas of law as the Gold Coast office. The Sydney office will be headed by Reece Ramsden joined the practice January 2019 as a partner. Read More.

recording conversations - is it legal

Recording Conversations – Is it Legal?


The continual advancement of technology has allowed conversations to be covertly recorded within a finger’s reach. The question is, when is it okay to record a conversation? Although not strictly illegal to record a conversation in Queensland, there are a number of restrictions on how you can record a conversation and what you can do with the recording. If you are unsure of your “right to record” – get legal advice! Read More.

Alice Drummond - Doyles Guide Family Lawyer

Doyle's Guide for family law - Alice Drummond


Congratulations to Ramsden Lawyers family law partner and accredited specialist Alice Drummond, for making the 2019 Doyles Guide for family lawyers on the Gold Coast. Read More.

Family - Changes to Family Law Court

New Changes to the Family Law Court System


As of 1 January 2019, the Australian Family Law systems will face a massive shake-up. As part of new sweeping changes, the Federal Circuit Court and the Family Court of Australia will be amalgamated to form the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (‘FCFCA’). Read More.

Wedding Bands in Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage and Wills


Newly-weds and couples whose marriage are now legally recognised should be mindful that a pre-existing will is automatically deemed void when a person marries. Read More.

Alice Drummond - New head of Ramsden Family Law

New Head of Ramsden Family Law


We are excited to announce that Alice Drummond, partner and QLS accredited specialist in family law, has been appointed to the position as head of the family law group at Ramsden Lawyers. Alice is also featured on the prestigious Doyle’s guide for family lawyers. Read More.