Litigation & Disputes

Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetic Industry Crackdown


Over the last eighteen months, the cosmetic industry has experienced persistent disruptions, witnessing numerous revisions to the regulatory frameworks governing cosmetic injections and beauty practices. It is unsurprising that both clinics and practitioners find themselves confused, questioning the compliance of their advertising tactics with the stringent marketing regulations enforced by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). This article delves into the TGA's stance and offers insights on how to protect your practice from unintended scrutiny. Read More.

Defamatory Reviews

Trapping The Online Trolls - When Defamatory Reviews Damage Your Business


In the age of digital communication, your online reputation is more vulnerable than ever. Disgruntled customers wielding false reviews can wreak havoc on businesses, leading to devastating consequences. The article explains the essential elements required to establish a defamation case, highlighting recent amendments to align defamation laws with the digital age, and your options to restore your personal or business reputation(s). Read More.


The Great Debate Over The Elvis Estate


Navigating the complexities of estate disputes, highlighted by the tumultuous Presley/Keough family saga over Elvis's massive estate, underscores the necessity for clear legal documentation and expert guidance. The article delves deep into the intricacies of contesting a Will in the Australian context, particularly in Queensland. From legitimacy issues rooted in inconsistent signatures to the adequacy of beneficiaries' entitlements, it's evident how vital adherence to legal standards is in ensuring the rightful distribution of assets. Ramsden Lawyers offers an invaluable lifeline in these intricate legal terrains, emphasising the importance of proactive measures and specialised counsel to prevent familial discord and safeguard assets. Read More.

Tax Disputes

Tax Disputes Rising: ATO Sheds Light On 2023-2027 Strategies


The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) recently unveiled its Corporate Plan for 2023-2027, placing a magnifying glass over areas like small business tax, multinational tax performance, and more. Amid a rise in insolvencies, the ATO is vigorously pursuing overdue small business tax, with a noticeable shift from the leniency observed during the pandemic. Their message is unequivocal: "Pay up or pack up." This shift mandates a heightened vigilance from taxpayers. The risk of added scrutiny is real whether you're a landlord, work-from-home employee, or investor. It's an urgent call for individuals and businesses to reassess their tax strategies, seek expert counsel, and ensure full compliance to avoid dire consequences. Read More.


Dodging The Debt Dilemma: Ramsden Lawyers Illuminate Insolvent Trading


Dodging the Debt Dilemma: Ramsden Lawyers Illuminate Insolvent Trading" delves into the complexities of insolvent trading. Over recent months, with business insolvencies making headlines, the term 'insolvent trading' has become pivotal. Many remain unclear about its intricacies. This article, penned by experts at Ramsden Lawyers, unpacks the nuances of insolvency, highlighting the legal obligations directors face. From understanding balance sheets and cash flow tests to recognizing potential insolvency signs, the piece offers invaluable insights. Plus, it details possible defences against insolvent trading claims. Whether you're a director or stakeholder, this is your essential guide to navigating the maze of corporate insolvency. Read More.

Commercial Dispute

The Commercial Dispute Rise In Australia: A Deep Dive Into Metricon Homes' Crisis


Australia's leading home builder, Metricon Homes, stands on the brink of a financial crisis, with mounting concerns that it may join the likes of Privium, Condev, and Porter Davis Homes in recent industry collapse. Homeowners are reeling as the company has given them a harsh ultimatum: either face substantial price hikes for the remaining construction or forgo their deposits. This results from rising inflation, labour and material costs, and global supply constraints. Shockingly, some face an extra $266,000 under a new contract. Amidst these upheavals, the NSW Fair Trading has initiated an investigation following a surge in customer grievances. This has given rise to speculations about Metricon's potential insolvency, with dispute lawyers gearing up to intervene. Read More.

voluntary administration

Digging Into Disaster: Aerison's Quality Of Work Dispute With Roy Hill And The Collapse Into Voluntary Administration


Aerison's recent voluntary administration, spurred by a $47.5 million commercial dispute with Roy Hill's iron ore mine, unveils the complex dynamics of mining industry commercial relationships. With over 250 jobs at risk and an intricate web of negotiations, COVID-19 pandemic challenges, and legal procedures, the mining giant's fall casts a shadow on corporate insolvency options. The Aerison-Roy Hill case is a cautionary tale, underscoring the fragility and potential pitfalls in today's rapidly deteriorating commercial environment. Read More.

Family Provision application

All Is Fair In Love And War: Family Provision Application


The article explains how to contest a will through a Family Provision Application (FPA). It highlights three factors to consider before making an FPA claim, including eligibility, time limits, and the factors the court considers when determining the claim. The article concludes by stating that Ramsden Lawyers can assist those considering making an FPA claim or supporting eligible individuals who wish to pursue a claim against an estate for further provision. Read More.

Global Financial Crisis

Ground-Hog Day? The Next Global Financial Crisis


The recent collapse of major banks like Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and Credit Suisse has created a crisis in the global banking sector. This situation has far-reaching implications for the financial system, causing investors to brace for share market turmoil and international fallout. Despite policymakers' reassurances, ambiguity and uncertainty remain, calling into question tighter banking restrictions implemented after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. The Council of Financial Regulators in Australia has advised that the Australian banking sector is well-capitalized, but experts predict a weaker opening in the Australian share market. Businesses may need to consider insolvency options, and Ramsden Lawyers can provide expert legal advice to navigate these complex processes. Read More.


Record Number Of Insurance Claims For 2022 Floods In SE Queensland And Northern NSW


Ramsden Lawyers Litigation and Dispute Resolution team report that nearly 240,000 insurance claims have been lodged by homeowners affected by the February and March 2022 floods in South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales, resulting in an estimated incurred consumer loss of $5.76 billion. These numbers make it the costliest natural disaster in Australia’s history, surpassing Cyclone Tracey in 1974, the Newcastle earthquake in 1989, and the hailstorms in Eastern Sydney in 1999. A year after the floods, residents still experience significant repair delays and continue to live in temporary accommodations. Insurance bills have increased dramatically, and some insurance companies no longer insure for specific events. Read More.

Bankruptcy Notice

Riches To Rags?


Have you been issued a bankruptcy notice? You may be running out of time. This article explores the bankruptcy process and what you must do if a notice has landed in your inbox. Read More.

Social Media

The Great Social Media Shake Down


The ACCC is targeting for fraudulent influencers, and you may be its next target. This article discusses the obligations and responsibilities of users in the influencer marketing sector and what can be done to assist you. Read More.