Personal Injury


A Step-By-Step Guide To Claiming Under Personal Injury Insurance After A Car Accident


Personal injury insurance can be a crucial lifeline during challenging times, providing financial assistance following a car accident. However, the process of claiming under this insurance may seem overwhelming. But worry not, as this article has equipped you with a comprehensive guide that outlines the essential steps to confidently navigate the claims process. By following these steps, you can attain a lucid understanding of the process and secure the rightful compensation you are entitled to. Empower yourself with knowledge and take control of your personal injury claim today. Read More.


Court Ruling And Its Implications: Failure To Remove Intoxicated Customers Due To Negligence


Assert your authority over your personal injury claim and secure the rightful compensation owed to you. At Ramsden Law, our seasoned team of personal injury lawyers is prepared to navigate you through the intricacies of your case, safeguarding your rights at every turn. Recognising the distinctiveness of each scenario, we're dedicated to evaluating your case diligently, amassing persuasive evidence, and championing your cause fervently. Refuse to let your injuries be overlooked for compensation. Read More.

TPD Claim

Comprehensive Guide To TPD And Terminal Illness Claims On Your Super: Essential Information To Understand


Discover the complexities of Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance within your superannuation. Uncover a comprehensive guide to TPD and terminal illness claims, offering vital insights into policy definitions, coverage amounts, and disbursement timelines. Contrary to popular belief, TPD benefits extend beyond workplace injuries, catering to various medical conditions that impede work capacity. Gain clarity on TPD coverage by understanding policy restrictions, eligibility criteria, and payout limits. Navigate diverse TPD definitions and grasp the endpoint of coverage. Delve into the intricacies of TPD claim processing, including necessary evidence and legal assistance. Ramsden Lawyers offer expert support, ensuring you access entitled benefits promptly. Read More.

Claim Farming

Company Slapped With $1 Million Fine For 94 Offences Of Claim Farming


A company is fined $1 million for 94 counts of claim farming, an unethical practice of profiting from personal injury victim information. The groundbreaking case spotlights the distress caused by exploitative spam calls and invasive tactics. The Queensland Government's staunch ban on claim farming underscores citizen protection. Magistrate Saggers' landmark ruling sends a resounding message against unethical practices. Ramsden Lawyers advocates hanging up on unsolicited calls and reporting incidents promptly. Prioritizing privacy and seeking professional legal advice is crucial. The firm stands as a beacon of justice, offering tailored consultations for injury victims, emphasizing ethical representation. Read More.