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Tax Disputes Rising: ATO Sheds Light On 2023-2027 Strategies


The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) recently unveiled its Corporate Plan for 2023-2027, placing a magnifying glass over areas like small business tax, multinational tax performance, and more. Amid a rise in insolvencies, the ATO is vigorously pursuing overdue small business tax, with a noticeable shift from the leniency observed during the pandemic. Their message is unequivocal: "Pay up or pack up." This shift mandates a heightened vigilance from taxpayers. The risk of added scrutiny is real whether you're a landlord, work-from-home employee, or investor. It's an urgent call for individuals and businesses to reassess their tax strategies, seek expert counsel, and ensure full compliance to avoid dire consequences. Read More.

ATO debt recovery

The Sleeping Giant Awakes - ATO Resumes Debt Recovery Post-Pandemic


Do you have outstanding tax obligations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic? The Australia Taxation Office is resuming its debt recovery regime – and you may be at risk. Click the below link to read more about the ATO’s debt recovery strategy post-pandemic, and what can be done to assist you. Read More.

GST changes for new residential property
Bankruptcy for Builders

Changes to Trust Distributions and Division 7A | John Ramsden


Division 7A was originally focused on private company tax free distributions, as mentioned above, however trusts have now come under the scope of the Division 7A by virtue of Subdivision EA and Subdivision EB of ITAA 1936. Read More.

Bankruptcy for Builders

New Tax Laws – Changes To Director Penalty Regime | John Ramsden


The recent passing of the Tax Laws Amendment (2012 Measures No.2) Act has seen significant increases in director liabilities and obligations. Read More.