Beyond The Stethoscope – Queensland Government Recognises Interstate And International, Healthcare Heroes

Beyond The Stethoscope – Queensland Government Recognises Interstate And International, Healthcare Heroes

Introducing the Queensland Government’s ground-breaking workforce attraction scheme, poised to revolutionise the healthcare industry. In a bold move to address the critical shortage of healthcare professionals, the government has unveiled an enticing incentive program to lure interstate and international healthcare workers to the vibrant shores of Queensland. The impact and benefits of these unprecedented incentives on healthcare workers are boundless. And to navigate the complexities of this Workforce Attraction Incentive Scheme, Ramsden Lawyers stands ready to guide and support you on the path to reaping its remarkable rewards. Let us guide you as to the implications of this strategic initiative.


Shocking new statistics have revealed the declining state of Queensland’s healthcare system. The Queensland Government is doing everything possible to change these statistics by enforcing new Workforce Attraction Incentive Transfer Schemes that will benefit Interstate and International Healthcare workers.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk states “With global competition for healthcare workers at an all-time high, our government is dedicated to doing everything that we can to attract and retain frontline health workers”,


  1. What does this announcement mean for Healthcare Workers?

Under this new scheme, healthcare heroes are being offered the opportunity of a lifetime, with the potential to receive payments of up to $20,000 when joining Queensland Health.

  1. What about medical practitioners who commence work in rural or remote areas?

Doctors willing to embrace the challenges of regional and remote Queensland can expect an additional reward of up to $70,000.

  1. I am a medical practitioner already working in Queensland. What about me?

Healthcare workers and medical practitioners currently living and working in Queensland will not be eligible for this program.

  1. Are you eligible for these incentives?

The list of healthcare workers eligible for these incentives was published by the Queensland Government and includes but is not limited to:

  • Medical Doctors and specialists
  • Nurses
  • Midwives
  • Allied health professionals
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce
  • Dentists
  • Oral Health Practitioner
  • Scientific Officers

The consequences of these incentives:

In a significant pursuit of excellence, the Queensland Government has unfurled a of the scheme of  incentives driven by a singular goal: to allow access to  every Queenslander the extraordinary gift of world-class healthcare. These incentives stand as beacons of hope, igniting a transformative force to remedy the critical shortages that have cast their shadow over the industry.

Stepping into the limelight, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) Queensland president, Maria Boulton, assumes a role of both admiration and anticipation. Her voice shows key support to the initiative to address the pressing shortages faced by the healthcare sector..

How will the payments work?

The incentive payments (less tax) will be paid through Queensland Health’s payroll system.The payments will not be subject to fringe benefits tax (FBT). They will form part of salaries and wages paid through payroll (less tax) and will be included in Employee Income Statements on myGov for personal income tax returns and assessments.  The incentive scheme payments are subject to  Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) withholding to meet end of year tax liabilities and the incentive scheme payment will be treated as Ordinary Time Earnings for Commonwealth superannuation guarantee but does not form part of superannuable salary for State superannuation purposes.

Feedback from the Premier and Minister for Health and Ambulance Services:

the Queensland Premier said “The government is committed to delivering more frontline health workers right across Queensland,”. She also noted that since 2015 they (The Queensland Government) had hired over 17,000 extra frontline workers, and they want to continue growing that number. Health Minister Yvette D’Ath added that they knew they had to think outside the square to lure doctors here instead of other parts of the country.


Those candidates eligible for this incentive and the new opportunities will include many individuals from overseas. To undertake any of these professional roles, assistance navigating the Australian Immigration system is key. To assist on this mobility of key professional, Ramsden Lawyers can assist at all stages.

Whether your path leads you from a different state or territory within Australia or carries you from halfway across the globe, Ramsden Lawyers stands ready to accompany you on this transition. We understand the intricacies and challenges when healthcare workers and medical professionals embark on such life-altering moves. That is why our dedicated team is committed to making this process as seamless and stress-free as possible.

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