Free Business Health Check: Get ready for the new financial year

Free Business Health Check: Get ready for the new financial year

Are you unsure of the current ‘health’ of your company, or what even is involved in the analysis of this? With the new financial year here, now is the best time to reassess your business’s practices with our business health check. An audit of your business’ legal position now can prepare you for a successful FY 2021/2022 and help minimise risks to you and your business. 

Updating the legal aspects of your business can seem like a daunting task. There are many facets to consider in a wide range of areas. For this reason, our team at Ramsden Lawyers’ is offering a free business health-check to streamline the process of identifying those areas that require updates. 

Some of the areas to be considered for your business:

  • Business structures
  • Intellectual property (IP) protection
  • Business contracts/ supply agreements
  • Business premises
  • Marketing considerations
  • Consumer Law obligations
  • Employee considerations

After you have completed our business health check at your leisure, one of our expert commercial lawyers will assess your current business status. Evaluating your company on a case by case status will allow any grey areas or concerns to be drawn out, of which we will communicate such matters. One of our commercial lawyers will then be in touch to discuss. 

Please complete our free business health check by following the below. The check compromises of a simple and easy to fill form that will provide our commercial lawyers with a prompt understanding of your business. 


The Ramsden Lawyers Commercial Team

For any further questions or enquiries regarding the status of your business, our team of commercial lawyers Gold Coast are here to help. We invite you to call us directly at 1300 749 709 or contact us here at a time that best suits you. The Ramsden Lawyers Commercial teams look forward to you completing our business health check.