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New Partnership – Family Law | Anton A Richardson

New Partnership – Family Law

Ramsden Lawyers is pleased to introduce Anton A. Richardson and as a Partner in Ramsden Lawyers responsible for the Family Law division within the firm. Anton has a wealth of specialised experience in Family law, having worked at a number of leading family law practices over the years, and will be integral to establishing Ramsden Lawyers as a leading practice in Family law on the Gold Coast with the intention of implementing a commercial no nonsense approach in resolving family disputes.

In addition to Anton, we are also pleased to welcome Lana William’s as a senior paralegal in the Family Law division, who also brings a depth of experience in Family law that will no doubt prove invaluable in cementing Ramsden Lawyers as a leading practice in Family Law on the Gold Coast.

“For more information and advice about this topic, please call our office to speak with one of our experts in this area”.

By Shanan John Ramsden Lawyer and Managing Partner of Ramsden Lawyers.
2 May 2012