Same Sex Marriage and Wills

Same Sex Marriage and Wills

January 9 2018 marked the first official day same-sex couples could legally wed in Australia. In addition, the same-sex marriage legislation passed by the Australian parliament also means that as of 9 December 2017 those Australians already married in an overseas jurisdiction will now have their same-sex marriage legally recognised within Australia.

All newly-weds and couples whose marriage will now be legally recognised in Australia should be mindful that under the Succession Act 1981 (Qld), a pre-existing will is automatically deemed void when a person marries, unless certain provisions have been made within the will contemplating the testator’s continuing de-facto relationship.

As a result it is important to note that:

  1. recognition of your overseas marriage could mean that any will you had previously made in Australia may now be void; and
  2. any will made by you which predates your marriage may also be voided, unless that will contained specific provisions contemplating your continuing de-facto relationship.

While the effect of recognition of overseas marriages upon wills is yet to be tested in courts, sufficient uncertainty exists around the area to warrant wills being re-drawn in order to ensure validity.

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