Travel Exemption For Australians Ordinarily Resident Outside Australia

Travel Exemption For Australians Ordinarily Resident Outside Australia

As Australia continues to work through how it deals with the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic and it efforts to keep the country safe, the restrictions on international travel remain in place.

At Ramsden Lawyers we appreciate the necessity of these restrictions, however, we are also intimately aware of the crucial importance of travel in many peoples’ lives and the variance of circumstances people how found themselves in.  This is why we are passionate about assisting people who are eligible for a travel exemption and in providing accurate and well-informed guidance to those who require clarity when working within the scope of the restrictions.

Recent changes, most particularly to those that are determined as “automatically exempt” from the restrictions have confused a number of individuals. Our team of migration lawyers Gold Coast maintain a wealth of knowledge and skills in travel exemption for Australians, and are adept in the application process from beginning to end.


Travel exemption for Australians ordinarily resident outside Australia

From 11 August 2021, all Australian Citizens and Australian Permanent Residents normally living overseas, will now need to obtain a travel exemption before departing Australia. There is no longer an automatic exemption from Australia’s travel restrictions.


Transitional Period

There is a transitional period until 7 September 2021 which allows travelers, who arrive at the airport without an exemption, permission to travel only if your status as ordinarily resident overseas, is able to be confirmed by an Australian Border Force (ABF) Officer at the time of departure.

After 7 September 2021, if you are offshore and want to travel to Australia before returning to your country of residence, you will need to apply for an outwards exemption to leave Australia once again and where possible, apply in advance before you arrive in Australia.


For existing travel exemption holders

If you have received a travel exemption approval before 11 August 2021 and have not yet travelled, you may use this exemption for a single departure from Australia. You do not need to apply for another exemption, unless you have already travelled using your previous approval, or wish to depart again in the future.


For new applications

A travel exemption application may be made to the (ABF) through the Department of Home Affairs’ Travel Exemption Portal. Note that exemptions are valid for 3 months from the date of approval.

If you are seeking assistance with applying and obtaining a travel exemption, specifically travel exemption for Australians, please contact our office on 1300 749 709.