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Property Development

Flat land subdivisions

We are well versed in advising clients on large scale flat land subdivisions. Our experience includes the development of greenfield sites for residential and commercial developments. Our extensive understanding of off the plan legislation ensures you comply with your disclosure obligations from the outset. As we interact with developers on a daily basis, we are mindful of your commercial objectives. We also interact with stakeholders from all areas of the property development sphere, so can put you in contact with a reputable professional, should you require one.

Community Title Scheme developments

We have experience in high rise residential and mixed use community title scheme developments. Our off-the-plan contract is drafted in favour of you as the developer to protect your commercial interests as best possible. We also draft any development-related documentation you require, such as Community Management Statements, by-laws, Building Management Statements and Further Statements. Our experience in Community Title Scheme developments ensures we can provide you with a development-manager style of legal advice which takes into account your commercial objectives.

Management rights

We prepare and advise on management rights agreements. Our extensive experience includes acting for developers selling management rights, as well as purchasers of these rights. As we routinely act for clients in this sphere, we are able to advise you on whether a proposed agreement is in line with standard market terms.

Acquisitions and disposals

We are experienced in advising on acquisitions and disposals of land for property developers and land owners. Our experience in acting for large scale developments ensures we are well equipped to structure your acquisition in such a way that is beneficial to you.

A common contract for acquiring or disposing of land is an option agreement. We are experienced in preparing numerous forms of option agreements, including options for developers where they wish to only proceed with their purchase if they are satisfied with their due diligence enquiries, or receive a satisfactory development approval.

Bodies corporate

Whether you are a body corporate manager or a unit owner in a community title scheme, you can rely on our knowledge of body corporate legislation to advise you on your legal position. We are experienced in acting for body corporate managers and unit owners in body corporate disputes. We can therefore provide practical solutions to resolving disagreements, as well as draft appropriate correspondence to the Commissioner’s Office should the dispute not be resolved.

Joint Venture Agreements

We are experienced in drafting and negotiating joint venture agreements for property developers and investors. We understand the risks inherent in most development transactions and the need for each party’s rights and obligations to be encapsulated within the joint venture documentation.

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