Avalon Carnall

Avalon Carnall is a dedicated family lawyer at Ramsden Lawyers. She is known for her passion for resolving parenting matters. With a comprehensive legal background, Avalon has accumulated a wealth of experience in various legal fields.

Before commencing at Ramsden Lawyers, Avalon worked at a boutique generalist law firm, where she gained skills in Wills and Estates, drafting powers of attorney and guardianship under different state legislations, conveyancing and lease agreements, and small claims debt recovery. This diverse experience provided her with a solid foundation in general legal practice.

Further developing her expertise, Avalon served at the Sydney Registry of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. As an Associate to a Judge and Senior Judicial Registrar, she gained invaluable insight into the Court system and the intricacies of conduct hearings.

Avalon completed her undergraduate degrees in international relations and languages (French and Indonesian). She later pursued and completed her Juris Doctor, equipping her with the advanced legal knowledge and skills essential for her role as a family lawyer.

At Ramsden Lawyers, Avalon utilises her broad experience and deep understanding of family law to advocate for her clients, particularly in parenting matters, ensuring their needs and concerns are thoroughly addressed.

If you would like to discuss your family law matter, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a consultation.