Cherie Orevich is a Special Counsel, where she combines her legal expertise with her psychology training to help clients navigate complex legal issues. With over two decades of experience, Cherie is a highly regarded lawyer who has worked on various matters, including criminal and civil litigation and has assisted clients in investigating allegations of sexual assault, misconduct, and corrupt conduct.

Cherie graduated with Honours in law and psychology from Bond University in 1997 and has since practised as a criminal and civil litigation solicitor. Her broad experience includes acting in various matters, including a large-scale international fraud case in the High Court of Hong Kong and working extensively with victims and witnesses of historical child abuse. Her unique legal and psychological skills have proven invaluable in these matters, as she can offer a more holistic approach to problem-solving and dispute resolution. Cherie delivers a trauma-informed response to her clients.

In addition to her work with Evolve Legal, Cherie is a lecturer at Bond University in ‘Expert Witness and Dispute Resolution and ‘Intellectual Property Rights and Data Exchange’. She has also previously lectured in ‘Evidence’ and ‘Victimology’. Cherie has authored publications on matters of human rights as well as submissions to legislators to remove statutory limitations in respect of serious institutional abuses against children.  Cherie is also a trained facilitator in the counselling and rehabilitation of domestic violence perpetrators and has worked extensively with victims of domestic violence. She brings her unique perspective to her work at Evolve Legal, helping clients navigate the complexities of legal disputes while providing emotional support and guidance.

Cherie’s commitment to her clients, community, and profession is evident in all aspects of her work. Her unique combination of legal and psychology expertise make her a valuable resource for clients facing complex legal issues. Her dedication to teaching and mentoring the next generation of lawyers is also a testament to her commitment to the legal profession and her passion for making a difference in the lives of those around her.

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