Mark Vaughan

Mark Vaughan is a dedicated Senior Associate at Ramsden Lawyers. With a wealth of experience in Family Law, Mark is an invaluable member of our team. From matrimonial property issues to parenting matters, child protection, and domestic violence cases, Mark demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of Family Law.

Mark’s legal career began in 1998 as an office junior before embarking on Articles of Clerkship while studying law part-time. In 2009, he was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland and the High Court of Australia. Throughout his professional journey, Mark has been mentored by several Accredited Family Law Specialists, further enhancing his expertise in the field.

At Ramsden Lawyers, we believe in the power of mediation for resolving legal matters. Mark shares this philosophy and actively promotes mediation as a preferred approach over litigation. This approach ensures the best interests of all parties involved and particularly emphasises the importance of amicable resolutions in parenting matters.

In addition to his extensive legal background, Mark has completed his initial training in Collaborative Law, an official process for resolving family law disputes outside the courtroom. This training equips him with alternative strategies to help clients reach mutually satisfactory outcomes.

Outside the office, Mark prioritises family and community engagement. He is a father of two children, and Mark actively participates in their school community and extracurricular activities. He serves as the president of the local BMX Club, where his son passionately races, and he is a manager of a men’s football (soccer team) at his local football club.

For quality advice and personalised legal solutions in Family Law, trust Mark Vaughan and the dedicated team at Ramsden Lawyers.