Matilda Gee is a highly driven Associate at Ramsden Lawyers in the migration team, who has demonstrated exceptional legal skills and a deep passion for helping people. Matilda began working with RL in September 2018 when she was just 20 years old. Since then, she has worked across various areas, including property and conveyancing, business, intellectual property, wills and estates, and migration.

However, since being admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland in February 2020, Matilda has focused predominantly on migration law, assisting Lauren in establishing migration as its own division within the firm. Matilda’s decision to pursue migration law was driven by her people focus, as she has always been passionate about helping people and hearing their stories. In the migration space, Matilda can work directly with clients and act as their advocate to navigate the constantly changing and often complex laws.

Matilda’s first year of practice was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic, which required the migration team to adapt to the ever-changing laws due to the closed international border. Throughout this period, Matilda was across all the changes and was able to effectively communicate these to clients. A highlight during this time was helping clients with travel exemption applications, including reuniting families, assisting clients in critical situations, and helping people needing to travel for business and employment. Matilda’s assistance was particularly helpful for clients around this time, as the border requirements were relatively unclear.

Matilda’s focus has shifted to employer-sponsored and skilled visas to assist Australian businesses in filling labour shortages in the COVID economic recovery and family-sponsored visas to allow families to remain in Australia with more certainty. Throughout this period, Matilda’s passion for helping people has remained the central focus of her work. She has developed an interest in complex character issues and was recently successful in having permanent residency reinstated for a client whose visa had been cancelled, allowing her to remain in Australia with her Australian citizen partner and child. Matilda has also assisted clients with character concerns at the tribunal level. She has helped clients with young families resolve their immigration status after years of uncertainty and bridging visas. Her work has allowed her clients to continue working and supporting small businesses, among other benefits.

Looking ahead, Matilda has aspirations to continue assisting a variety of clients across all areas of the migration space, to help find migration solutions those wishing to live in Australia.  Overall, Matilda Gee is a highly skilled and passionate migration law associate who has demonstrated exceptional legal skills and a deep commitment to helping people achieve their migration goals.