Travis Burch

Travis Burch is a highly qualified and experienced member of the litigation team at our firm. With a Bachelor of Laws degree from Central Queensland University and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law, he has a solid foundation in law. Additionally, Travis holds a Graduate Certificate of Fraud and Financial Investigation from Charles Sturt University, which has given him a unique understanding of complex financial issues in litigation matters.


Since joining our firm in 2021 as a Legal Assistant, Travis has quickly become a valuable member of our litigation team. He has worked on various matters, including defamation cases, corporate wind-up applications, property disputes, and insolvency matters. His expertise in these areas has been instrumental in helping our clients achieve favourable outcomes in their cases.


Before joining our firm, Travis worked in investigative services, compliance and risk management, and debt collection. His background in these fields has given him a unique perspective on litigation matters and helped him develop a comprehensive understanding of the practical and legal issues that can arise in these areas.


In addition to his legal skills, Travis is also a highly effective communicator. He can explain complex legal issues to clients in an easy to digest way.


Travis Burch is committed to ongoing professional development and seeks opportunities to expand his knowledge and skills.


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