Yossi Witkowsky

At Ramsden Lawyers, Yossi Witkowsky has seamlessly integrated into our team, showcasing his vast expertise and commitment to migration law. Demonstrating a forward-thinking approach and a dedication to our clients, Yossi is poised for an exciting transition within our firm. As he works towards reinstating his practising certificate, he will soon evolve his role, transitioning to an Immigration Lawyer. This step is a testament to his continued growth and the expansive horizons ahead for Ramsden Lawyers with Yossi on board.

Yossi Witkowsky’s journey in law began over two decades ago and spans two continents. A testament to his passion and commitment, Yossi, originally a qualified solicitor in South Africa, navigated the legal landscapes with finesse, starting with a general experience across domains like P.I., Civil Litigation, and family law. As time unfurled, he focused on financial services law and general commercial law. As he treaded these legal waters, he marked his leadership as a director of a law firm in Cape Town and gained recognition in his homeland.

But the narrative took a compelling twist when Yossi chose Australia as his new home. This wasn’t merely a geographical shift but a profound alignment with immigration law. Admitted as a lawyer in Australia’s Supreme Court (NSW) in 2018, Yossi brought a rich tapestry of experience. His association with the Migration Agents Registration Authority led him to practice as a migration agent in Brisbane. His proficiency directed him to one of Queensland’s venerable law firms, where he practised as an immigration lawyer in Brisbane CBD.

Upon joining Ramsden Lawyers, Yossi’s specialisation in immigration law intensified. As an immigrant, he understood the myriad of emotions, challenges, and dreams associated with relocating. This personal experience translated into a deep-rooted empathy for his clients, making him a treasured asset to our team. His adeptness in immigration regulations has been a beacon for clients, guiding them seamlessly through intricate migration concerns.

Yossi’s credentials stand tall academically, with a BA in LAW and an LLB. His vast experience encompasses a myriad of visa subclasses, including family, partner, and general skilled visas. He’s distinguished himself by appearing before platforms such as the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and the Federal Court.

Beyond the legal world, Yossi’s persona shines in the embrace of nature. He cherishes moments camping and exploring the captivating terrains of Queensland with his family. His zeal for fitness manifests in his commitment to Brazilian Jujitsu and regular gym sessions, ensuring a balance between mind and body.

At Ramsden Lawyers, Yossi’s story embodies determination, adaptability, and an unwavering desire to serve. As he prepares to embrace the role of an Immigration Lawyer with us, we anticipate a trajectory marked by transformative impacts in the field.

For those searching for assistance in immigration law, Yossi Witkowsky emerges as a blend of experience, dedication, and successful outcomes. We invite you to delve into his expertise by connecting with Ramsden Lawyers for your immigration endeavours.