At Ramsden Lawyers we understand that the ending of a relationship can be highly stressful on all individuals involved. It is our priority to ensure the process is as easy for you as possible.

In accordance with the Family Law Act the process of applying for a  divorce is usually quite straight forward,  the only ground for ending a marriage is that the relationship has broken down irretrievably. To proceed with a divorce, either party to the marriage or both parties can jointly file the application to the court. The court will still grant the divorce even if one party does not want it, provided the criteria is met.

In most cases, a party to a marriage can apply for a divorce if they have been separated for at least 12 months and one day. In circumstances where parties reconcile after separation for a period of three months or less, the separation period can resume once again.

The court recognises that each marriage is different and many different factors come in to consideration such as:

  • if the parties are separated, but are living under the one roof;
  • if the marriage was a short marriage;
  • if one party wishes to set aside a marriage (nullity);
  • if a party is married in more than one country; and
  • arrangements for any child.

Our family lawyers are able to assist you in:

  • applying for a divorce;
  • ensuring all requirements are met;
  • serving the divorce application on the other party;
  • handling any opposition to the divorce; and
  • understanding and/or appearing at the divorce hearing.

If you find that during the separation there are other issues to be dealt with such as who will the child live with / spend time with or how the relationship property is to be divided please click below for more information:

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