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Ramsden Lawyers was founded by its managing partner John Ramsden on the Gold Coast in 2003. Beginning as a commercial and property law firm, Ramsden Lawyers quickly established itself as one of the premier Gold Coast law firms across a diverse range of practice areas. In 2019, Ramsden Lawyers now have offices in Sydney and Brisbane.

Diversifying And Consolidation

Since our inception, Ramsden Lawyers took it upon ourselves to always provide a fresh and progressive approach when tailoring a solution for our clients. Whilst being highly specialised in Commercial and Business Law, we fast developed niche specialties in the streams of insolvency, tax planning, restructuring, business migration, intellectual property, commercial litigation, family law and more recently in corporate mergers and acquisitions and capital raising.

Having developed these areas of practice more substantially over the years, we now operate with the focus upon five (5) key practice groups in Business Law, Property Law, Corporate Law, Litigation, and Family Law.

By diversifying our practice into specialist groups, Ramsden Lawyers in our own right can make claim to offering not only specialist expertise in these particular practice areas, but still enjoy the benefits of operating as one single law practice where the knowledge base can be called upon and shared where necessary.

Today, Ramsden Lawyers can lay claim as Gold Coasts premier law firm, where it operates the largest and best litigation law practice on the Gold Coast.

Ramsden Lawyers with its recently established corporate law group, can also lay claim to a number of IPOs on the ASX as well as large private equity and trade sale transactions in excess of $100m, thereby bringing to an end the perception that this work is exclusive to Brisbane top tier professionals.


Ramsden Lawyers’ culture is the embodiment of our convenient location on the Gold Coast, exuding a positive energy while also retaining the work ethic that has made us successful.

All our lawyers, from entry-level solicitors to partners, are accessible and friendly when dealing with clients. Our work environment is collaborative, dynamic and positive. Our specialists frequently work across practice areas, allowing our clients access to a wide range of specialist practices. Our lawyers are passionate and enthusiastic about the work they do and pride themselves on being experts in their respective areas.

We consider a wide range of scenarios, guided by our expert experience, before deciding on the best approach for your circumstances. In our experience, this approach yields better results and outcomes for our clients.

Our lawyers are committed to delivering solutions to our clients in the way they want to receive them. We regularly hold consultations with clients over the phone or via video conferencing, though we also recognise that sometimes a face-to-face approach provides our clients with comfort. In that regard, our boardrooms in Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane make for a perfect meeting place. Alternatively, we can venture to our clients workplace.

Our law firm is unique for being part of an emerging trend in legal services committed to legal innovation. We innovate in the way we deliver legal services, our accessibility and effectiveness. We have also expanded the horizon of what is traditionally thought of as ‘legal work’. We take great pride in being innovators in the delivery of legal services and take our status as a leading Gold Coast law firm seriously.

Ramsden Lawyers also promotes flexible working arrangements for its team members, and also offers to its clients a number of different types of charging methods.

This gives rise to Ramsden Lawyers setting the standard and offering a smarter perspective in how it does business as a law firm.

Our Mission

At Ramsden Lawyers, we aim to deliver innovative solutions that are capable of being delivered efficiently. We do not promote ourselves as cost leaders and believe we do not need to be. Our experience and ability ensure that we efficiently execute a devised strategy for our clients in the delivery of our service, that in effect realises a better return to our clients.

Ramsden Lawyers believes in setting the ‘new standard’ in the delivery of legal practice. With an emphasis to adapt to the ever changing conditions of the business community, we are adamant that this sets us apart from others. We recognise that our clients are the ones who know best, and we are merely there to facilitate the best legal solutions.

Our Core Principles

  • Being true to the idea that working together with our clients to resolve matters commercially is the best approach for all involved.
  • Pricing is merely an illusion. What is important is that our clients receive the right advice for the right solution that is tailored and delivered with the utmost skill and efficiency. This will then ensure that our clients get real value for money and ultimately spend less in the process of doing so.
  • We strive to be the very best and to lead from the front whilst setting the new standard in the delivery of legal services.

Ramsden Lawyers is an incorporated legal practice and not a legal partnership. The term partner is a form of art and does not denote that they are a partner within a legal partnership, but rather than they hold a senior position within the firm.

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Since 2003, we've helped parents and business owners make sound decisions regarding their families and companies. Our lawyers stand ready to guide you through local and federal laws that apply to your current situation. Whether you want to pursue a case in court or simply need help complying with safety restrictions, we look forward to advising you however we can. If you'd like to learn more about our team, we have comprehensive profiles about each of our partners and associates, which are located under the 'Our Team' tab above.