Cassandra Hayden

Cassandra’s professional background has been exclusively centered around family law, including serving as an Associate to two Judges at the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, (previously known as the Family Court). Cassandra Hayden has extensive experience within the legal system and a history of working in litigation-focused firms. Cassandra brings a unique advantage to her clients by ensuring the efficient handling of their cases while presenting the strongest possible arguments if court intervention becomes necessary.

In addition to Cassandra’s legal expertise, she has pursued studies in counseling, providing her with an understanding of the emotional challenges in family law matters. This comprehensive perspective informs her approach to each case, characterized by meticulous attention, consideration, and guidance aimed at achieving resolutions for her clients.

Cassandra Hayden has developed a specific interest in complex parenting matters, particularly those involving serious family violence, mental health issues, and substance-related concerns.

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