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Navigating Your Family Law Matters During COVID-19


Effectively managing your family law matters can be challenging during the best of times, let alone during this time of great uncertainty. Even during this anxious and unsettling time, there are actions you can take to successfully manage your family law matters to ensure you and your family are protected. Read More.

Inheritance in Divorce Settlement

Is Inheritance Included in the Divorce Settlement?


What happens to the inheritance after you have separated? Will your inheritance become a ‘protected category’ that can be separate to the asset pool available for distribution to the other spouse? Read More.

John Ramsden - Managing Partner of the Year

Managing Partner of the Year


John Ramsden of Ramsden Lawyers wins the Australian ‘Managing Partner of the Year’ award at the 2019 Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards, recognising John as Australia’s leading Managing Partner in 2019. Read More.

Trade Mark Non Use Removal Proceedings

Trademark Non-Use Removal Proceedings – Use It Or Lose It!


Trade mark owners should carefully review their intellectual property licence arrangements to ensure use by their licensees is considered authorised use to mitigate the risk of successful non-use removal proceedings. Read More.

Leases for Breweries

Leases for Breweries


Think ahead before signing a lease and recognise the difficulties that may arise - work with the landlord on creating a suitable arrangement for both parties. Properly drafted clauses benefit landlords too as, if there is a dispute and the landlord seeks damages, the recovery amount after the litigation process is often less than the actual cost of litigating. Read More.

Ramsden Lawyers - Reece Ramsden - Maggie Keating

Welcome Maggie Keating to the Sydney office!


This May our Sydney office is delighted to welcome Maggie Keating who is relocating permanently from the Gold Coast office. Maggie joins the team with a wealth of experience in estate planning, migration and family law. Read More.

Infidelity - Cheating effect my divorce

Infidelity - Does cheating impact my divorce?


Is infidelity sufficient grounds to obtain a divorce or to determine how the matrimonial property should be divided between parties following separation? Read More.

Employment Law Discrimination

Laws Against Discrimination in the Workplace


Employment law is a complex area of law and there are many laws relating to employment which can be overwhelming for both employers and employees. This article covers some of the basic principles regarding workplace diversity, discrimination and dismissal which are so often intertwined. Read More.

Distilling alcohol

Distilling alcohol (spirits / liquor) in Australia


Using a still of any capacity to make spirits is illegal in Australia without holding an ‘excise manufacturer licence’ irrespective of whether it is for ‘personal use’ or sale. Read More.

What am I entitled to in a divorce

What am I entitled to in a Divorce if I earn little or no income?


If you’re facing, or in the middle of, the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship, you’re probably wondering who gets what – especially if your ex-partner met most (if not all) of the expenses for the family. Rest assured that other non-financial contributions will generally be taken into account and weighed up against direct financial contributions. Read More.

Brewdog Crowdfunding

Brewdog: Pioneers of beer and crowdfunding


‘BrewDog’ was started in 2007 in the UK by two men, Martin Dickie and James Watt (and a dog). 12 years later and BrewDog is now one of the most successful brewers in the UK operating 50 bars in the UK, 24 internationally and now a number of ‘beer hotels’. Read More.

Debt Recovery Harassment & Coercion

Debt collection agency harassed & coerced debtors


High pressure debt recovery techniques used by debt recovery agencies may not be permitted in the future, and may carry significant ramifications. Read More.