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A Step-By-Step Guide To Claiming Under Personal Injury Insurance After A Car Accident


Personal injury insurance can be a crucial lifeline during challenging times, providing financial assistance following a car accident. However, the process of claiming under this insurance may seem overwhelming. But worry not, as this article has equipped you with a comprehensive guide that outlines the essential steps to confidently navigate the claims process. By following these steps, you can attain a lucid understanding of the process and secure the rightful compensation you are entitled to. Empower yourself with knowledge and take control of your personal injury claim today. Read More.

Visa Refusal

My Visa Got Refused. What Do I Do Now?


Don't let a visa refusal crush your dreams of living in a foreign land. At Ramsden Lawyers, we understand the distress and uncertainty of a visa refusal. But it's crucial to remember that it's not the end of the road. Our comprehensive article guides you through the complexities of appealing a visa refusal, offering hope and the opportunity to turn the situation around. With our knowledge and support, we'll help you navigate the challenges and rewrite your immigration story. From common reasons for visa refusals to the options available for appeal, we empower you with the tools to reclaim your path to success. Let us be your guide and embrace a brighter future. Contact Ramsden Lawyers today and let's fight for your rightful visa approval. Read More.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions To Untie The Knot


Divorce or legal separation doesn’t always need to be settled in court. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as mediation and arbitration, can provide a private and less acrimonious way to reach mutually agreeable solutions. In mediation, an impartial professional assist both parties in discussing preferred outcomes and reach a nonbinding agreement. If partners can't agree on outcomes, arbitration may be the next best option, where a private judge will make a binding judgment. The pros of mediation and arbitration include saving time and money, maintaining confidentiality, less stress for children, and retaining control over outcomes. However, the cons of mediation and arbitration include the need for legal advice, the requirement for both partners to compromise, the absence of the right to appeal, and the inability to uncover hidden assets or income. Therefore, if a partner is not willing to negotiate or compromise or if hidden assets are suspected, mediation or arbitration may not be effective in resolving divorce issues. Read More.

Commercial Dispute

The Commercial Dispute Rise In Australia: A Deep Dive Into Metricon Homes' Crisis


Australia's leading home builder, Metricon Homes, stands on the brink of a financial crisis, with mounting concerns that it may join the likes of Privium, Condev, and Porter Davis Homes in recent industry collapse. Homeowners are reeling as the company has given them a harsh ultimatum: either face substantial price hikes for the remaining construction or forgo their deposits. This results from rising inflation, labour and material costs, and global supply constraints. Shockingly, some face an extra $266,000 under a new contract. Amidst these upheavals, the NSW Fair Trading has initiated an investigation following a surge in customer grievances. This has given rise to speculations about Metricon's potential insolvency, with dispute lawyers gearing up to intervene. Read More.

Estate Administration

Being Appointed as Executor Or Administrator Of An Estate – Role, Responsibilities, Risk And Rewards


A Will is a fundamental legal document, and being named as its executor signifies immense trust to execute the deceased's final wishes. The executor, appointed by the Will's creator, manages the deceased's affairs after their passing. If no valid Will exists, the person is said to have died intestate, and the rules of intestacy apply. In such cases, the Court may appoint an administrator, a role akin to an executor. The chief responsibility of both roles is to administer the estate of the deceased, which includes tasks like obtaining probate, managing estate assets, and settling debts. Given the immense responsibility, executors also face legal risks. However, there's a silver lining: Executors can claim commission for their services, reflecting the magnitude and importance of their role. Read More.

voluntary administration

Digging Into Disaster: Aerison's Quality Of Work Dispute With Roy Hill And The Collapse Into Voluntary Administration


Aerison's recent voluntary administration, spurred by a $47.5 million commercial dispute with Roy Hill's iron ore mine, unveils the complex dynamics of mining industry commercial relationships. With over 250 jobs at risk and an intricate web of negotiations, COVID-19 pandemic challenges, and legal procedures, the mining giant's fall casts a shadow on corporate insolvency options. The Aerison-Roy Hill case is a cautionary tale, underscoring the fragility and potential pitfalls in today's rapidly deteriorating commercial environment. Read More.


Speaking Truth To Defamation: Navigating The Intricacies Of Delicate Tort


Defamation can be a complex cause of action to navigate, especially in light of the considerable amendments in recent years. This article guides you through the elements required to establish a cause of action in defamation and potential defences to the action for publishing alleged defamatory material. Read More.

Personal injury compensation

Understanding Personal Injury Compensation: What Am I Entitled To?


Take control of your personal injury claim and secure the compensation you rightfully deserve. At Evolve Legal, our team of experienced personal injury lawyers is ready to guide you through the complexities of your case, ensuring your rights are protected every step of the way. We understand the unique nature of each situation and will work tirelessly to assess your case, gather compelling evidence, and advocate passionately on your behalf. Don't let your injuries go uncompensated. Contact Ramsden Lawyers today and let us fight for the justice and fair settlement you deserve. Read More.

Unfair Contract Terms

Widening The Net – Significant Changes To The Scope Of Unfair Contract Terms Under The ACL


New legislation coming into effect later this year will significantly expand the scope of unfair contract term provisions under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). These changes, coupled with stronger enforcement measures, will profoundly impact consumers and businesses. This article delves into the current unfair contract term regime, upcoming changes, and their implications. In light of these developments, seeking legal advice and conducting contract reviews become crucial steps for businesses to mitigate the risks associated with the new unfair contract term provisions. Read More.

Building Contacts

Price Hikes v Legal Rights – The Lawfulness of Price Escalation Clauses


Price increases in "fixed fee contracts" have become common in today's market, especially in the building and construction sector, where the cost of materials is ever rising, and labour shortages plague the industry. In the recent case of Perera v Bold Properties (QLD) Pty Ltd [2023] QDC 99, the court considered the enforceability and lawfulness of a price escalation clause contained within a Queensland building contract, with the court ruling that the clause in question was void and unenforceable. In this article, our commercial law team explores the background and implications of this case and the key takeaways for consumers and builders. Read More.

Partner Migration

Is It Possible For My Partner To Act As A Sponsor For My Visa Application?


This article explains how your Australian partner can sponsor your visa application. It outlines the two stages of the Partner Visa process, the stringent requirements, and the importance of providing substantial evidence to prove the genuineness of your relationship. The article also discusses the support offered by Ramsden Lawyers to help applicants navigate this complex process successfully. Read More.

Criminal Record

Does My Partner's Criminal Record Affect Their Ability To Sponsor My Visa?


Navigating the complexities of visa applications and sponsorship becomes challenging when your partner has a criminal record. We specialise in assisting couples like you in overcoming these obstacles. Our experienced team will guide you through the process, ensuring a smoother path to your Partner Visa. Whether your partner has a criminal record we have the expertise to help. We aim to simplify the process and enable you to build a brighter future with your loved one in Australia. Read More.