International Women’s Day at Ramsden Lawyers

International Women’s Day at Ramsden Lawyers

In observance of International Women’s Day, Ramsden Lawyers underscored women’s significant contributions and advancements in the legal sector. Through a series of events, including the distinguished Women of Influence breakfast and a firm-wide afternoon tea, we showcase the milestones and accomplishments of female professionals within our practice and the broader legal community. This article offers insights into the strides toward gender equality and celebrates the exceptional women leading the way in shaping the legal profession’s future.

Women of Influence International Women’s Day Breakfast

The Women of Influence annual breakfast at the RACV Royal Pines provided the perfect start to International Women’s Day, offering a delightful breakfast alongside some of the Gold Coast’s most inspiring professionals.

A monumental moment of the morning was the address by guest speaker Fleur Madden, an experienced entrepreneur boasting two decades of experience in business leadership. As CEO, Founder, and Board Member, Fleur’s accolades include being recognised among the Top 25 Business Women in QLD. She captivated the audience with insights into her latest venture, Freelance Gems, aimed at empowering women to redefine their work-life balance through flexible employment opportunities.

Fleur’s dedication to supporting female entrepreneurs and advancing gender equality was evident as she shared her experiences and perspectives. Her message resonated deeply, emphasising the importance of investing in women’s education, leadership, and economic empowerment for the betterment of society. The Women of Influence event inspires meaningful discussions and self-reflection among our team, prompting us to consider our personal and professional aspirations.

Initial “firsts” for Queensland Women in the Legal Profession

Partner Ailsa Day and Operation Manager Angela Kurtz delivered compelling speeches at the International Women’s Day afternoon tea on the significant “firsts” achieved by Queensland women in the legal profession. They shed light on pioneers such as Agness McWhinney, who made history in 1915 as the first woman to become a solicitor in Queensland. The Queensland Law Society (QLS) honours McWhinney’s legacy with an annual award recognising innovative female lawyers. Additionally, they highlighted Katherine McGregor, who broke barriers by becoming a solicitor in 1926 and later a barrister in 1939. Ailsa Day then highlighted the progression of women in senior legal roles, from the appointment of the first female judge in early 1991 to the historic appointment of the first female Queen’s Counsel in 2017. These milestones underscore the resilience and determination of Queensland women in shaping the legal landscape.

The Inspirational Women of Ramsden Lawyers.

As the afternoon tea ended, Partner Belinda Northam took the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the extraordinary achievements of the women at Ramsden Lawyers. With pride, she noted that three out of the six partners in the firm are women, reflecting a significant presence of female leadership. Moreover, within the broader management team, a remarkable 60% are women; across the whole firm, an impressive 74% comprises women. These statistics not only demonstrate the firm’s commitment to gender diversity but also underscore its inclusive approach, where the contributions and successes of women are celebrated and valued.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Law

At Ramsden Lawyers, we’re not just witnessing history but making it. With the spirit of International Women’s Day echoing through our halls, we stand at the forefront of advancing gender equality and empowering women in the legal profession. Our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace is unwavering, and we invite you to join this transformative journey.

Whether you’re seeking legal representation that understands the nuances of gender equality, looking to collaborate on initiatives that empower women, or aspiring to join a team that values diversity and innovation, Ramsden Lawyers offers a platform where your voice is heard, and your contributions are valued.

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Together, let’s continue to break barriers and shape a legal landscape where everyone, irrespective of gender, has the opportunity to excel. Contact Ramsden Lawyers today to learn more about our services, initiatives, and career opportunities. Let’s make history together.

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