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Can I travel overseas if I am unvaccinated?


International travel restrictions are still in place for members of the Australian community who, for various reasons, are unwilling or unable to be vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated and are wishing to depart Australia, it is important to understand that avenues are available for you, and it is not impossible to travel at this time despite being unvaccinated. Read More.

Travel exemption for Australians

Travel Exemption for Australians Ordinarily Resident Outside Australia


From 11 August 2021, all Australian Citizens and Australian Permanent Residents normally living overseas, will now need to obtain a travel exemption before departing Australia. There is no longer an automatic exemption from Australia’s travel restrictions. Read More.

Travel Exemption

Travel Exemption to Leave Australia


The Covid-19 Pandemic has made it essential for those seeking to travel internationally to first apply for a travel exemption. The Ramsden Lawyers immigration team outlines the grounds which must be satisfied to obtain a travel exemption, as well as our proven record of success in this area. Read More.

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Federal Budget: Immigration changes and implications


On 6 October 2020 the Federal Budget was delivered, and as a part of this there have been key changes and announcements in regard to the Australian migration program. This includes changes to Partner Visas, New Zealand permanent residency, and business visas. Read More.

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COVID-19: Can I get an exemption to travel overseas?


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Australian Government has imposed substantial restrictions on travel to and from Australia, leaving individuals increasingly confused and apprehensive about the prospect of international travel. That said, some exemptions apply to facilitate travel. Read More.

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COVID-19: Update for Student Visa Holders


The Australian Government is currently looking to make a number of changes that will impact Student (subclass 500) Visa holders as a result of COVID-19. Read More.

Visa extensions

Safe Haven for Hong Kong Nationals


In light of the current political climate in Hong Kong, the Australian Government has announced visa extensions for some Hong Kong residents. Read More.

Visa Covid-19



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, otherwise known as coronavirus, many temporary visa holders have found themselves stuck as to what to do next in terms of their Australian immigration options. Read More.

Temporary Visa Holders

COVID-19 Changes Affecting Temporary Visa Holders


Recently, the Australian government, particularly Prime Minister Scott Morrison and acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge, announced new measures in respect of Australian immigration, particularly with respect to temporary visa holders. Read More.

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Changes to the Significant Investor Visa & the introduction of a Premium Investor Visa.


On 14 October 2014 the Australian Government announced the creation of the new Premium Investor Visa (‘PIV’). The PIV expands on the requirements of the existing Significant Investor Visa by requiring an investment of $15 million. Read More.

457 Visa

Robust New Foundations, an Independent Review into the Subclass 457 Visa Program


The purpose of the Temporary Work (Skilled) (subclass 457) visa program (‘457 Visa’) is to allow employers to fill short to medium term skill shortages by recruiting qualified workers from outside of Australia when they cannot find the same skilled workers locally. Read More.

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Significant Investor Visa | John Ramsden


This article considers the effect of the Personal Property Securities ('PPS') reform on leasing and the transitional supply of goods. It demonstrates the fundamental importance of registration on the Personal Property and Securities Register ('PPSR'). Read More.