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lottery winnings and property settlements

Lottery Winnings and Property Settlements: Who gets what?


Have you or your partner won the lotto and have since commenced separation or divorce? Not quite sure how your winnings will be divided in a property settlement? The Ramsden Lawyers team explores how lottery winnings are dealt with in a property settlement to give you a better understanding about what to expect. Read More.

Family Trust

Professionally Maintain Your Family Trust or Risk Legal Proceedings


The recent case of Onza Industries Pty Ltd v Tingalpa Tyre & Mechanical Pty Ltd [2021] QSC 1 demonstrates the consequences of miscommunication when purchasing joint properties under a family trust. Further, Onza v Tingalpa displays the importance for families to properly and professionally maintain their family trusts in order to circumvent needless legal proceedings. Read More.

Travel Exemption

Travel Exemption to Leave Australia


The Covid-19 Pandemic has made it essential for those seeking to travel internationally to first apply for a travel exemption. The Ramsden Lawyers immigration team outlines the grounds which must be satisfied to obtain a travel exemption, as well as our proven record of success in this area. Read More.

Costs Agreement

Recovery Costs & Costs Assessment in Settlement Agreements: Object or Beware


The recent case of Ultra Tune Australia Pty Ltd v Mackenzie Auto Repairs Pty Ltd [2021] QCA 3 demonstrates the perils of recovery costs and costs assessments within settlement agreements. It is important for parties to take special care when preparing offers to settle and important for parties to respond to costs statements within the required time under the UCPR. Read More.

Child's best interests

Family Law and the child’s best interests


Anyone who has dealt with parenting matters will have heard the phrase “best interests of the children” before. But what does it actually mean? And how does the Family Court determine what is in a child’s best interests? Read More.

Quantum Meruit

Quantum Meruit: Roude v Helwani [2020] MSWCA 310


The recent decision of Roude v Helwani (‘Roude’) by the New South Wales Court of Appeal concerned a builder’s claim for payment on a quantum meruit basis and the requirements for establishing that cause of action, specifically whether the builder was required to lead evidence of the market rate for the work performed. Read More.

Expert family report

A Guide to Expert Family Reports


Are you currently undergoing a separation or divorce? If so, chances are you may need to participate in an expert family report. Not entirely sure what this involves? The Ramsden Lawyers team explores what an expert family report is and how it is a key consideration in arriving at the best possible arrangements for your child/ren. Read More.

end a tenancy agreement

How to Sell a Rented Property or End a Tenancy Agreement?


If you are selling a property that currently has tenants, or wanting to end a tenancy agreement, there are certain steps need to be taken and minimum notice periods that apply. However, there are also simple measures that can be taken to avoid complicated situations and help reach a solution that works best for both the owner and tenant. Read More.

Issuing a Payment Schedule

Building Industry Fairness Act Part 1: Issuing a Payment Claim


This is the first article in our three-part series regarding the operations of the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (‘BIF Act’). The BIF Act was introduced primarily to simplify the procedure for recovering payments owing to contractors in the building and construction industry. Read More.

Private AVO

Private AVOs and how to get one


Apprehended Violence Orders are all too common in Australian society. The Ramsden Lawyers team explores the different kinds of orders and how to get them. Read More.

COVID-19 Vaccine

Can my Employer Make the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandatory?


The COVID-19 Vaccine is here, and while the vaccine is not mandatory under Commonwealth or State Government policy, it is entirely possible that mandatory vaccines could become a requirement for employees in some circumstances. Read More.

Rockment Pty Ltd t/a Vanilla Lounge

Rockment Pty Ltd t/a Vanilla Lounge v AAI Limited t/a Vero Insurance


The high-profile case of Rockment Pty Ltd t/a Vanilla Lounge v AAI Limited t/a Vero Insurance established that not all exclusion clauses (in business interruption insurance policies) under the Biosecurity Act will apply to the losses suffered by business due to the COVID-19 directions and lockdowns. Read More.