Defamation, Allegations, and Public Interest: The Trial of Mr Lehrmann vs. Network Ten


Explore the Lehrmann defamation trial, where Mr Lehrmann accuses Network Ten and Lisa Wilkinson of defamation based on a 2021 interview with Brittany Higgins. In-depth legal analysis by Litigation Senior Associate Lachlan Boyle and Law Clerk Riley Hickey delves into defamation intricacies, public interest defense, qualified privilege, and the pivotal truth aspect. This article offers insights into evolving defamation laws, recent developments like the public interest defense, and defense strategies. Read More.

Defamatory Reviews

Trapping The Online Trolls - When Defamatory Reviews Damage Your Business


In the age of digital communication, your online reputation is more vulnerable than ever. Disgruntled customers wielding false reviews can wreak havoc on businesses, leading to devastating consequences. The article explains the essential elements required to establish a defamation case, highlighting recent amendments to align defamation laws with the digital age, and your options to restore your personal or business reputation(s). Read More.


Speaking Truth To Defamation: Navigating The Intricacies Of Delicate Tort


Defamation can be a complex cause of action to navigate, especially in light of the considerable amendments in recent years. This article guides you through the elements required to establish a cause of action in defamation and potential defences to the action for publishing alleged defamatory material. Read More.

Defamation and Limitation Periods

Limitation Periods in Defamation Cases


Hodgetts v Nine Network Australia Pty Ltd & Ors (‘Hodgetts’) is a Supreme Court of Queensland case which gives further guidance on the strict limitation period for bringing a defamation claim. Read More.

Defamatory tweets

Defamatory tweets and Interlocutory Injunctions


The recent Queensland District Court case of Kocwa v Twitter Inc highlights the strict approach courts take to granting an injunction to remove a defamatory tweet. Read More.


Defamation battle: an emoji is worth a thousand words


Burrows v Houda [2020] is a timely reminder to think before hitting post when making comments via social media. Even something as simple as an emoticon can have wide reaching imputations which gives rise to potential claims of defamation. Read More.

Defamation Case

Defamation case: Geoffrey Rush awarded historical amount in special damages


On 2 July 2020, the Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia awarded the largest sum in a defamation case regarding a single individual in Australian history. The monumental award of damages was proportionate to the emotional and reputational harm suffered by Geoffrey Rush. This was assessed based on the loss of employment opportunities in the film industry due to defamatory comments made by Nationwide News. Read More.


Defamation Case: Bad Neighbours and an AVO


The case of Cosco v Hutley is a cautionary warning to be mindful of what is said in the heat of battle as it could lead to a defamation case. Read More.

Use of social media

Media outlets confirmed as ‘publishers’ of Facebook comments


Case study: Media outlets 'publishers' of Facebook comments. The Voller decision has the potential to impact any business that administers a social media page. Read More.


Social Media, Relationship Breakdown & Defamation — A Dangerous Mix


In the following we discuss these cases and clarify defamation law in relation to social media, highlighting how easy it is to be found liable for a derogatory post. Read More.

injurious falsehood

(Negative Online Reviews) When Will An Action For Injurious Falsehood Arise?


If your company or business has suffered damage as a result of a false publication, it may have a common law action for the tort of injurious falsehood. This article will briefly address the elements that must be proved to bring this type of action. Read More.

Ramsden Lawyers

Defamation | John Ramsden


‘Defamation’ is the publication of a harmful statement to a third person about a person or corporation. Read More.