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3 Unexpected Benefits of Bankruptcy

When you hear the word bankruptcy, you likely envision a lot of horrific consequences. You understand that bankruptcy negatively affects your credit for years. You know that bankruptcy often results in home and property loss. And of course, you worry

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The Basics of Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement, or Binding Financial Agreement (BFA), is an agreement between couples made before a marriage or de facto relationship. The Family Law Act of 1975 allows couples to create a legally binding agreement concerning assets and property in

Termination of Contract - Failure to Meet Due Date

Case Update: Termination Of Contract Upheld Because Of Buyer’s Failure To Meet Due Date

Contracts for the sale of residential and commercial land will often include certain conditions inserted for the benefit of a buyer.  However, in Queensland, time is of the essence in relation to these conditions.  The importance of buyers meeting the

State Steps in to Bury Dead Body

Terribly Sad: State Steps in to Bury Dead Body

When someone dies, their personal representative (i.e. the executor or administrator) is tasked with taking suitable steps to dispose of their body.  The personal representative’s decisions regarding such disposal are paramount and as such, their wishes have priority to any

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Pet Custody: Who gets the pets during a separation?

During a relationship separation parties are often faced by events where they are required to distribute their property and arrange who their children will live with. Linked to this, is an area of family law which is becoming increasingly common,

Last Will & Testament Written on iPhone

Yu v Yu: ‘iPhone Will’ Causes Confusion

For a Will to be valid in Queensland, it has to meet certain requirements set out in section 10 of the Succession Act 1981 (Qld) (‘Act'). In particular, it needs to be in writing and signed by the person making


First on the Gold Coast to use PEXA

Ramsden Lawyers is excited to announce that, together with Gold Coast City Solicitors, we have completed the Gold Coast’s first e-conveyancing settlement through the new Property Exchange Australia (‘PEXA’) platform today. PEXA is an exciting new development in the Australian


Whether wholly oral contract illegal or unenforceable

 Case Update: Nichols v Earth Spirit Home Pty Ltd [2015] QCA 219 Queensland legislation requires builders to record their contracts in writing.[1] The consequences of failing to do so were demonstrated in the recent case of Nichols v Earth Spirit

Gold Coast Beach

Case Update: Alleged Misrepresentation of off-the-plan Gold Coast Penthouse

The sale of property ‘off-the-plan’ is a common way that property developers sell lots or apartments before their developments have been completed or the apartment building has been constructed.  While buying a property off-the-plan may result in a cheaper purchase

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Burton v Spencer: Warning for those without a Will

Although a Will can be challenged in certain circumstances, generally your wishes will be followed after your death. In particular, your wishes regarding the persons who you have chosen to administer your estate (your executors) and the persons to whom

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