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Our initial consultations are free, confidential and can be discussed over the telephone or in person at our Sydney CBD Office which proudly employs some of Sydney’s best divorce lawyers.

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Why choose us?

  • We have a team of 9 highly skilled family and divorce lawyers who only practice family law.
  • We have 4 law society-accredited family law specialists.
  • We specialise in all areas of family and divorce law.
  • Our family law team has been nominated in Doyles Guide Best Family Lawyers every year from 2016 through 2023.
  • We will work with your budget and can offer fixed fees for certain tasks.


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We understand that taking the first step to talk to a Family Lawyer after separation can be daunting. However, it is invaluable to arm yourself with knowledge moving forward and we are confident that our office has some of the best family lawyers in Sydney to advocate for you and your family. Our free 30 minute initial consultations are confidential and can be discussed over the phone or in person at our conveniently located office in the Sydney CBD. At Ramsden Lawyers, we pride ourselves in being one of the leading law firms to specialise in all areas of family and divorce law. It is our focus to guide you through the process from when you may be considering separation to the finalisation of your separation and divorce in the most cost effective and least stressful way possible.

What Will You Get During Your Free 30 Minute Consultation?

Once you have booked in for your consultation with one of our Sydney divorce lawyers you will then be sent an email (if you elect) confirming the lawyer you have been allocated, the time and date and with a request to fill out a short questionnaire about your situation (5-10 minutes). This questionnaire has been specifically designed by family lawyers to get the main information from you that will assist us to understand your situation better and enable us to tailor our advice as best as possible during the consultation. We find that if you are able to fill out this form prior to your consultation, less time is spent by the lawyer asking questions and they can focus on answering your questions instead. Toward the end of the consultation we will advise you as to the next steps in your case and options if you wish to engage us as your representation. Please note that after this consultation there is no cost or obligation for you to retain us as your lawyers and that this consultation is 100% complimentary.

What Will it Cost You if You Choose to Retain Us?

After your free initial consultation, you will have the option to engage us for family law matter. It is very important to us that we meet your cost expectations and therefore we will provide you with a verbal and written summary of what your fees will be. Although every family law matter is unique and the fees may range, we are able to offer fixed fee pricing on certain tasks, such as divorce applications, no matter how long it takes for us to finalise it for you. Alternatively, we offer other payment options such as monthly or ‘event billing’ where you pay following certain stages of your matter in amounts that you can budget for. In the event that you are concerned about potential legal fees or only have a certain budget, it is important that you discuss this with us so that we may tailor a plan moving forward that can accommodate you. Fortunately, at our office we have multiple NSW and QLD family lawyers who charge different rates and therefore we can match you to the right lawyer for your situation.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation with one of the best Sydney Family Lawyers, please call our office on 1300 188 237, fill out our online enquiry form or book below using our online calendar system which will allow you to select the exact time and date you would like to have your consultation.

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When separating, you can formalise your property settlement and future arrangements for your children in one document called ‘Consent Orders’. To enter into this document, you and your former spouse need to agree, but our family lawyers can help you get to that agreement. Once that agreement has been reached, you both will sign the child support documents and we will send them to the Family Court of Australia for review. Because the Family Court of Australia reviews and seals the document, this helps protect you in the future with a much more binding document! Why we love consent orders – because you and your former spouse don’t need to attend court! Saving you time, stress and money!


A Divorce Application is simply applying to the Federal Circuit Court of Australia for a Divorce Order declaring you and your former spouse are officially divorced and can remarry. It does not have anything to do with property settlements or parenting arrangements that require a different process (i.e. Consent Orders or a Binding Financial Agreement). Hint – if you and your former spouse can agree to sign the Divorce Application together, you will not need to go the extra step of complying with the Family Court Rules of serving the Application on the other party or attending court.



Often known as a ‘BFA’, ‘Separation Agreement’ and/or ‘Prenup’, this is the second and only other way (by agreement) you can formalise your property settlement matters under the Family Law Act 1975. Most of our clients enter into these documents wanting some clarity as to what happens with the assets accumulated during the relationship in the unfortunate event they separate or are separating and want to formalise how the assets are divided. This document is designed for parties who are:

  • About to enter into de facto relationships;
  • During a de facto relationship;
  • After a de facto relationship ends;
  • Before a marriage;
  • During a marriage; or
  • Following the breakdown of a marriage.

Why we love BFA’s – because unlike Consent Orders (discussed above) the agreement reached by the parties does not have the scrutiny of the Family Court and therefore can be much more custom and unique with just as much protection!

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"After many years as a client with Ramsden Lawyers, our family find them very professional at what they do. All the staff are very friendly and are committed in their work."

- Adrian Z. | Gold Coast

"We highly recommend Ramsden Lawyers for all Litigation, Construction or Property Services. They have assisted our company in reviewing Multi Million Dollar Construction Contracts as well as navigate through legal discussions with ease, professionalism and execution. We look forward to continuing our professional relationship with the team at Ramsden for years to come."

- G. C. Projects | Gold Coast

"Their professionalism was EXCELLENT. Made the whole property purchase paperwork a delight...not the stress filled minefield I was expecting. Clear, clever, succinct and a delight to deal with. Will definitely refer to all. Thanks Ramsden."

- Ellen G. | Gold Coast

"Excellent! Highly recommend. Received great service from family law team. They were very helpful, informative and professional."

- Karen M. | Sydney

"Amazing professionalism, attention to detail and compassion when working in the sensitive area of family law. I would highly recommend Ramsden Lawyers for any legal service."

- Mary B. | Gold Coast

"Anna, you’ve made this hard battle much easier for me because of the way you actually cared about what I was going through. Always very professional and patient. I'm really glad I’ve chosen you to fight the battle of my life and even gladder to say: WE WON! Thank you very much for everything."

- Gustavo D. | Gold Coast