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Employment Lawyers (Gold Coast, Brisbane & Sydney)

Our employment lawyers have built up the very specific knowledge and experience required to advise clients on the nuances of employment law. We are skilled at advising both employees and employers on their rights and obligations.

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Employers Obligations and Avoiding Workplace Disputes

We take the time to explain to employers their obligations regarding various pieces of legislation including the Fair Work Act, as well as the multitude of codes of practice that must be followed. Examples of this include PAYG tax deductions, superannuation deductions, employee’s choice of superannuation fund, confidentiality requirements, the need to keep up-to-date and accurate records and worker’s compensation insurance.

We also help employers to differentiate when paid and unpaid overtime is appropriate, how various other entitlements operate, how to avoid workplace discrimination and how to fairly and legally terminate employees. Our experience also covers enforcing your employment agreements including what restraints and restrictions you can legally expect to uphold. Our employment law team is well-versed in offering assistance to employers who are faced with prosecution by the Fair Work Ombudsman. Our expertise allows us to assist clients in mediation, arbitration and in extreme cases, litigation.

Discreet Advisers on Sensitive Employment Matters

Our clients develop long-term relationships with our employment lawyers due to our discreet operating practices and the assurance of us adhering to any and all confidentiality requirements. We are therefore capable of advising on highly confidential and sensitive board matters and can provide strategic yet frank advice that has a commercially sound premise behind it. Our longstanding clients understand that we are advisers that can be trusted on employment matters whether they relate to minor daily concerns or larger inquiries into corporate reputation.


Guiding You Throughout the Entire Employment Relationship

Our advice on the strategic and legal elements of employment law spans the entire lifecycle of an employment contract, from the recruitment of candidates through to performance management and investigations and ultimately dismissal, redundancy or retirement. Our highly skilled business lawyers are advocated for forming long-term legal partners who can take into consideration the implications of their advice in the future rather than just the immediate concerns. We pride ourselves on forming a genuine relationship with our customers that enables us to better understand their unique needs and tailor our advice with their personal circumstances and industry climate into consideration.

Managing Risk and Responding to Employment Disputes

Many of our clients will one day be faced with the problem of having to comply with the onerous provisions of an award that can make their business unsustainable. Ramsden’s employment lawyers also offer strategic advice on how to operate a compliant business that may even allow you to avail yourself entirely of the strict obligations imparted by the Fair Work Act.

Our employment lawyers assist our clients to determine important details such as how binding their agreements are based on whether they are consistent with the law, whether they are so unfair a court may set them aside, whether they spell out probation processes and entitlements clearly, whether there are appropriate mechanisms to define particular jobs and allow for performance reviews, whether there are any restraint of trade clauses to consider and the clarity underpinning termination procedures.


Our Employment and Workplace Lawyers Can Assist With:

Anti-discrimination, Employment disputes, Board Advisory, Incentive schemes, Pensions and superannuation, Performance management, Post-employment restraints, Restructuring and redundancy, Workplace Health and Safety, Workplace investigations and general Employment Law.

For Employers

If you are an employer and an employee has made an employment related claim against you, it is vital that you seek immediate advice from the best employment lawyers possible to avoid not only claims by employees but potential penalties for breaches of the Fair Work Act 2009. Our workplace lawyers can assist you to fulfill your obligations to your employees, avoid claims by employees and avoid heavy penalties.

For Employees

If you are an employee and your employer has taken adverse action taken against you that you feel is wrong or discriminatory in some way, it probably is. You need not just employment lawyers but employment law specialists. The best employment lawyers available but at a reasonable price. If you’d like to know your rights and what you can do about the way you have been treated, contact a workplace lawyer for some initial advice. Be aware that time frames apply so it is important to get advice as quickly as possible from fair work lawyers with experience in the fair work commission.

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