Business Transactions

When buying or selling a business, you need clear legal advice on the exact nature of your obligations and risks in the buy/sell contract.

When you tell us what your objectives, expectations and financial capabilities are, we can assist you in distinguishing between contract conditions that are tolerable and those that you may not be able to live with.

Good legal documentation means that you can be confident in knowing exactly what you have bought; when you get access to it; what is specifically excluded; any ongoing costs or obligations that might be involved; and any actual or potential liabilities that you might be exposed to.

We have the expertise and key experience in both the drafting and advising of vendors and purchasers of business that includes assisting clients with the following:

  • due diligence;
  • leasing advice;
  • advising of all related tax consequences;
  • drafting of key documents; and
  • drafting special conditions to suit the transaction.

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