Joint Venture Disputes

A ‘Joint Venture’ is a business structure in which two or more businesses combine resources, knowledge and skills for a finite time, generally for a specified project. Joint venture agreements are commonly used in property development, mining, and other large scale projects.

Joint ventures are generally regulated by the establishing document which is usually a joint venture agreement. Additionally, joint ventures are regulated by common law and also legislation such as the Competition and Consumer Act.

Although there are many advantages in using a joint venture business structure there are also disadvantages. Due to the nature of joint ventures, common issues in which arise include:

  • trust issues;
  • business culture issues;
  • management issues;
  • conflicting objectives;
  • cooperation/ communication issues;
  • unequal contributions of investment, assets or expertise; and
  • unequal leadership/ direction and support.

Our joint venture dispute lawyers understand the risks and challenges of modern business transactions and we know that embarking on a new venture, or expanding an ongoing concern, takes courage and innovation.

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