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Hospitality, Liquor & Gaming

Hospitality, Liquor & Gaming

Our Gold Coast commercial lawyers are experts in hospitality, liquor and gaming. We have extensive expertise in both gaming law and liquor licensing, and offer our clients a full suite of planning.

Local industry experts

Our location on the Gold Coast has made our growth in the hospitality, tourism and gaming industry a natural one due to the region’s rapid growth into Australia’s sixth largest city, most populous non-capital city and status as one of the nation’s fastest growing cities. Tourism, and thus the hospitality industry, is vital to the success of the Gold Coast economy with almost 10 million annual visitors. We expect that owing to the upcoming Commonwealth Games to be held on the Gold Coast in 2018 that this trend will only grow stronger. Our commercial lawyers pride themselves on contributing to the ongoing health and expansion of the Gold Coast.

We also have expertise in the Gold Coast’s growth areas, particularly the CBD in Southport which has now been labelled a Priority Development Area and a driver of transformative change in business and investment. We recognise the ongoing importance of tourism and assist clients to capitalise on the position of our city on the edge of the Asia-Pacific rim and the opportunity to participate in major infrastructure projects or business more generally.

Knowledge of liquor licensing laws

Our client base is diversified and unique, and we provide frequent assistance on liquor licensing requirements and how it impacts the licensing services of various commercial venues including hotels. We also offer our services to low risk applications for smaller businesses ranging from cafes and restaurants to bars and indoor sports centres.

We can prepare transfer applications, seek alterations to terms and expand licensed areas upon request. We also work with venues to prepare the required Risk Assesses Management Plan and Community Impact Statement that go along with liquor licenses. We have expertise in achieving a successful licensing for one-off events like festivals, markets and sporting events. We can also provide guidance in the event you are charged with an offence under the Liquor Act 1992 and the Wine Industry Act 1994.

Offering complete hospitality planning services

Our commercial lawyers bring together all areas of the law as it relates to the hospitality industry, ranging from property law to urban planning, dispute resolution, liquor and / or gaming licensing, intellectual property considerations and employment law. We have an in-depth understanding of the intersection of these areas of law and how they relate to your business and provide a seamless service across them to ensure you can receive all the legal advice you need to operate effectively.

If you are seeking to sell or purchase a hospitality business, we have ample transactional expertise to assist you, providing the necessary due diligence to ensure you are meeting regulatory standards and achieving compliance. Our lawyers also assist our clients to review new and existing leases, prepare renewals and disclosure statements, structure deeds of variation for leases and mediate any disputes that may arise.

Advising on gaming machine law

Our Gold Cost lawyers can provide assistance on acquiring venue operator licenses for gaming machines, attaining new approvals in hotels and clubs, applying for increased numbers of gaming machines, acquiring or selling machine entitlements, gaining approval for new management arrangements or undertaking corporate restructuring to enable approvals for new entities to operate gaming machines.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Liquor licensing applications, variations, transfers
  • Approved managers
  • Bottle shops
  • Obtaining permits
  • Altering hospitality leases
  • Hospitality transactions
  • Gaming machine licenses
  • Expanding gaming machine permissions
  • Gaming machine transactions

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