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Corporate Advisory

Corporate Advisory

Ramsden Lawyers are capable of providing general corporate advisory based on our specialised expertise and deep knowledge across a broad range of industries in order to sustain and grow your corporate success with seamless legal service.

Navigating complex regulations

Our Gold Coast corporate lawyers recognise that the rules and regulations governing corporate administration and business transactions can be overwhelming. We guide clients through the maze of corporate regulations with an experienced advisory style that breaks down the issues into manageable pieces. We assist clients to proactively manage risks and anticipate potential problems before they arise to avoid unnecessary litigation. We pride ourselves on providing practical and direct advice.

Ramsden Lawyers’ corporate division also has the capacity to assist clients with asset holding entities to keep assets protected from risk to enable faster business growth.

Client-centric corporate advisory lawyers

Our corporate lawyers factor in the trends relevant to your industry and your unique market position, aspirations and difficulties. We are committed to moulding our services to your needs and achieving sound advice in an economical fashion. We go out of our way to get to know you personally as well as your company and how it is navigating a complex corporate environment.

We offer expertise in corporate finance and compliance law, with a devoted team of highly experienced lawyers. We also have been involved in large projects involving IPOs and private equity takeovers. We have a breadth of perspective and an ability to anticipate issues before they arise in order to deliver effective solutions to progress projects towards completion. Our holistic legal support provides detailed and up-to-date advice on the latest legal developments in your industry.

Growth mindset with a long-term perspective

Our corporate advisory lawyers understand that while there are outliers, the majority of businesses grow slowly. Our corporate advisory practice is built on the pillars of long-term client partnership and our advice always considers the longstanding effects to your business of any advice we provide. Even when businesses face times of distress, our Gold Coast lawyers are there to help clients preserve value while undergoing restructuring.

Our corporate lawyers take the initiative to recognise the underlying economic and commercial rationales behind every transaction and to provide legal solutions that correspond to those goals. We also encourage you to commit to the appropriate governance practices and maintain sufficient documentation at all times due to the increasing pressure on corporations to maintain stellar company records. We balance your strategic and transactional interests with your legal obligations and position your business for optimum advantage in the marketplace.

Depth of experience across a range of industries

From start-ups to longstanding businesses we empower you to make informed decisions which allow you to achieve your financial goals. Our advice is realistic yet at the same time deeply empathetic, identifying all the options and the risks associated with each.

We have established ourselves on the Gold Coast across industries including childcare, automotive manufacturing, energy and resources, construction and building services and dentistry. We also have a depth of knowledge in advising ASX 200 companies, conducting large multinational transactions as well as IPO listings and prospectus drafting. We are well-versed in the range of strategic and practical issues which may arise within entities both domestically and internationally.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Business deals and structures
  • Due diligence and regulatory compliance
  • Fundraising
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Major projects and infrastructure agreements
  • Managed investment schemes
  • Intellectual property
  • Trade practices
  • Workplace relations
  • Asset protection and estate planning.

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