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Trust Disputes

Trust Dispute Lawyers

Trust disputes can often be a very stressful and confusing experience. Unfortunately, due to the common use of trusts for various purposes, trust disputes are inevitable. If you are a conflicting beneficiary of a trust, an administrator trying to navigate the correct path or a trustee facing a legal claim, the litigation and dispute resolution team at Ramsden Lawyers are here to assist you in your dispute.

What is a trust?

Essentially, trusts are a means of controlling the distribution of property. There are various forms of trusts including:

  • Fixed;
  • Unit;
  • Discretionary;
  • Testamentary;
  • Charitable;
  • Bare;
  • Hybrid; and
  • Superannuation.
  • Trusts are an integral part of many families and businesses and can be useful to:
  • Minimise taxation;
  • Share income;
  • Reduce risks including from creditors; and
  • Control assets and income.

How can a trust dispute arise?

Trust disputes can arise where there are issues regarding:

  • Conflicting beneficiaries;
  • Conflicting trustees;
  • The administration of a trust;
  • Problems with trust assets; and
  • Other problems.

How we can help

Without proper guidance, disputes in respect of trusts can be a costly and stressful experience. Our litigation and dispute resolution team at Ramsden Lawyers can help you institute proceedings to seek the orders you require in the event the matter can’t be resolved through negotiation and mediation.

Our litigation team understands that disputes of this nature can be a sensitive and time consuming problem. We strive to always provide our clients with an expedient resolution to the best of our abilities. With our extensive experience in the area of trust disputes, this helps to ensure a timely solution. Lead by Partner, Derek Finch, you can be assured that the team is well equipped to handle the most complex of trust disputes and will utilize their resources to tailor a strategy that aligns with your desired outcome.

Complex Trust Disputes

We can also assist you with other complex issues that can arise in respect of trusts, including:

Creation of a trust, Operational issues – including the appointment, removal, or remuneration of the trustee or its directors. Income division – including entitlement and access to income, timing of entitlements, as well as the splitting of income between family members and business operators, Asset ownership and distributions; and Taxation issues.

Contact us today on 1300 749 709 to schedule a consultation at our Gold Coast, Sydney or Brisbane office. The litigation and dispute resolution team will use their experience in trust disputes to find the best solution for you.

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